Increasing your AdSense earnings is something that everyone that everyone interested in earning money should work on consistently. You want to use your Google Analytics account to check information about your content and work from here. Google Analytics can display what website or blog is doing what along with where you should or should not make any changes.

There are many different ways to increase your AdSense Earnings that will be outlined here. Some are simple, while others may take a little more effort. Review these different ways to increase your AdSense Earnings and you will find many of these to your benefit.

  • Appeal to your top referrals in Google Analytics

Your top referrers are those visitors that come to your site from another site. When you review your information if you are getting more visitors from twitter to your site, you know that posting more information on twitter will get you more page views to your content.

If you have other forums or social networking sites bringing in more page views, increase links to those sites.


  • Write content that can link with each other within your site

Back links within our site are important. When readers find your content, make certain they find other related or connected content also. Get one reader to look at several different posts while on your site. Add links to as many related and relevant content as possible. More page views will result in more ways to increase your AdSense earnings


  • If you have not already done so include both text and image ads

Both text and image ads will increase the number of ads competing on your site. The more advertisers you have competing the higher the bids and the more revenue you can see. On average publishers that combine the ads will see close to a 60% increase in their CPM or clicks for earnings


  • Did you know ad size matters?

Wider ads will do better. You can begin the change by simply changing the ad size of several ads in your sidebar to decide if this is founded. After several weeks find out what the changes mean for ways to increase your AdSense earnings


  • Are your ads placed in the right area?

Ad placement is extremely important in monetizing the clicks you are receiving for ads and ad impressions. The more obvious the ad, the more clicks you will receive. Be careful you don’t have too many ads on your site. Too many ads don’t necessarily mean you will receive more clicks. Sometimes too many ads are distracting for visitors.


Make certain that you have your ads placed for maximum visually appealing sites for your visitors and where you will receive the most clicks to increase your AdSense earnings.


If you have an ad block in your header, review this one. Is this appealing for visitors?