Everyone loves it when they are in a relationship and they always feel happy about it. As much as you are in one, you need to work at it. This is by giving as much as you take, continue showing your partner that you love him even after months or years of being together by noticing the little things he does for you. Try and dress in a hot outfit when he invites you for dinner because it makes him feel very proud of you and he will appreciate you too.

Make a surprise visit for him when he is in the office and make sure you dress up such that everyone who will see you will turn their heads and smile at you. Surprise him with a hot note and leave it at his car and when he comes back he will get the note. When you do all this things just to impress your man, you will be doing your part at making your relationship fresh and exciting.
 If you can, try to think about your partner before yourself and put in the effort to keep your relationship strong.

This is by giving and receiving in equal and satisfying amounts. Another way to keep your relationship is by communicating with your partner about everything that goes on in your life and also let them know that you love and care for them and also show them that you are always there for them.

Honesty is a good thing that makes every relationship work. You should try not to accuse each other of any wrong doing until you have facts and proof. Don't take your partner for granted, make them feel that they are meaningful and they have a good purpose in your life. Make sure that you try and fulfill all your promises you make to each other. This way will make her trust in you. If you find out something about your partner, don't go and ask other people about it just confront him.

When you are in a relationship, you should always be aware of your friends and relatives because they do more harm to you than good. They pretend to help you by being the bearers of bad news because they always want to ruin your relationship. You need to know your partner likes and dislikes so that you may never do things that don't please him. You also need to be there for them whether physically or emotionally.