So you want to learn Spanish huh? It can be quite confusing as to where you should start and how to go about the process of learning Spanish. The way in which you do so depends largely on your time and the amount of money you have to spend to the cause. If you're in school then the process becomes easier with hopefully a native speaker at the help and structure. But what if you're not at school and have the ability to learn at home? There are various options available to you. First and foremost you have the ability to learn pretty cheaply if you have internet access. You can scour YouTube clips where there are literally thousands of learn Spanish videos that you can watch for free. Quality varies from video to video but regardless, it's a good free way to start. You can sign up to be placed vocabulary email lists these lists of Spanish words are emailed to you each day and require that you spend at least 30 minutes a day learning these words. Even if you pick up 10 words a day that is over 3500 words a year. Enough to get you by, in a Spanish speaking country.

Another good method that one can use to learn a language is through a software package. A package that allows you to learn the structure of the grammar and verb conjugations. Verbs in Spanish is probably the hardest thing to master in the Spanish language but if you're able to get your head around them - you can be sure that you have the intellect and know how to master the language at hand. If you have the money, you might like to look at the option of studying the language overseas where the language is spoken. Since South American countries are reasonably cheap to westerners, it doesn't have to be as expensive as one would think. The process is fantastic because it gives you the ability to speak and become friends with people of that country and you're forced to learn the language. Unlike in school where you can just sit in the corner and ignore what's going on, if you're there in the country, you can't actively avoid learning the language. Its thrust upon you and you have to learn – it's that simple. Those are just some of the best ways to learn Spanish and other languages.