Paris is widely considered at the world's most romantic city, and with good reason. The women carry themselves with a certain degree of grace, while the city boasts a number of spots and highlights where the amorous atmosphere is palpable. That being said, newcomerrs and locals alike are going to need the best advice in order to find the perfect date in this romantic city. Be confident, keep an open mind, and be prepared to turned your next date into a to remember.

Local Monuments:
While some may find going to the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe to find a date as cheesy, but in reality it's one of the most respectable ways to ensure a quality rencontre for the both of you. By going to these sites, you're really showcasing your deep appreciation for the French culture-you won't be hard-pressed to find experienced Parisians enjoying these sights as well. Frequenting these venues will show potential mates that you love Paris for being the epicenter of France's deep cultural history, and give the two of you a great place to meet up for your next rencontre.

Museums and Art Galleris:
Paris is home to many of the world's most renowned galleries, such as The Lourve and Musee d'Orsay. Going to one of these locations is a fantastic place to meet a potential girlfriend with an intellect that matches yours. The ladies who frequent places like such are interested in the finer things that life has to offer, and will, more often than, not be the source of great, thought-provoking conversations on your next rencontre.

City Events:
Ask anyone who has ever lived or even been to Paris and they'll tell you that there's always something to do in the city. Being the cultural and cosmopolitan epicenter of France, Paris is the venue of choice when it comes to international festivals or events. The furniture and home goods trade fair, Maison & Object, occurs in early January, while July 14th is more commonly referred to as Bastille Day, prompting a city-wide celebration culminating in a parade with fireworks. July also plays host to Cinema en Plein Air, the city's outdoor tribute to the fine art of film, while the last Sunday in May is the internationally renowned French Tennis Open. With all of these events occurring in the city all year, it's easy to see that Paris is the perfect city to find a mate with hobbies similar to yours. Go to a festival that piques your interests and you'll be sure to find a woman who is into the same activities that you are. Ensure that the both of you will fully enjoy your next rencontre by finding a lady similar to you at one of Paris' many street festivals.

Cafes and Restaurants:
French food is widely considered as the epitome of gastronomical indulgence. Many of the world's finest chefs have set up shop in the streets of Paris, and there's no better place to experience this food culture, as well as meet a lady with a similar love for gourmet goods, than exploring Paris' many cafes and restaurants. A cafe is a perfectly casual place to meet a woman who both appreciates fine dining and also needs someone to enjoy it with. Paris is a city brimming with great food and amazing places to enjoy it-going to any of these venues will ensure that you find the perfect lady to plan a food-centric rencontre with.

Shopping Plazas:
Paris is the de facto shopping destination in France, if not all of Europe. Much of the fashion industry works in, if not originates in Paris-it won't be too difficult to meet a confident, body-conscious woman who cares both about her outward appearance and ongoing trends in the fashion world. Women who actively follow the fashion industry and pay close attention to how they put themselves together are classier, more well-refined, and generally more cultured than most other women you'd meet. Plan your next rencontre around Paris' extensive shopping culture with lady who knows and understands what it means to be fashionable.

If you're artistically-inclined and enjoy seeing life through a lens, then Paris is the place for you to find your potential partner. Many have considered Paris to be the birthplace of modern photography-with its beautiful cityscape, winding roads, and gorgeous skyline, it's easy to see why. Many Parisian women love to take pictures of their beautiful city and would enjoy to be the subject of anyone's photographs. Traveling through the city with a camera in hand is a great way to make a friendly introduction to a lady while building the foundation to what could turn into a beautiful relationship.

There are plenty of respectful ways to meet a gorgeous lady in the streets of Paris. All you need is some self-confidence and a little bit of guidance to get you and your potential partner on your way to having a rencontre neither of you will ever forget.