The beauty of owning a direct sales business is that you get to decide how and when you want to advertise your business within the company’s guidelines. Most direct sales companies, also commonly known as network marketing businesses, have specific guidelines on how their reps can and cannot advertise. Even though the business is yours, you need to abide by the parent company’s rules if you want to keep your distributorship. Many network marketing companies do not permit their independent consultants to advertise through traditional media outlets like newspapers, and radio or television commercials, but there is an abundance of ways to market your direct selling business while still abiding by the parent company’s rules. Here are some effective marketing tips to promote your company:

Article Marketing

Writing online articles or blogs about issues related to your industry is a great way to provide value to your potential customers while promoting your company at the same time.  People want useful content.  Branding yourself as an expert in your industry will help you to increase consumer confidence.  Your articles should provide helpful tips, insight, and proven solutions; they shouldn’t solely be about promotion. For example, if you are an independent sales representative for a cosmetics company, it is best to write about makeup application tips and explanations about different skin tones.  Readers will most likely appreciate the education your articles provide instead of a blatant sales pitch. Your online published content should contain a link on the page for readers to click on and be directed to your contact information in case they want to purchase the products you sell.


Giving samples to your current and potential customers is a wonderful way to let others know about the wonderful products and service you provide.  Sample products for customers will probably cost you some money, but the samples will give your customers a taste of how the products you sell can enhance their lives.  Catalogues and websites are good promotional tools, but they can only provide a look. Having physical products in hand provides a touch, feel, and taste of the products. When customers experience your products first hand, they can make a more definitive decision about whether or not to purchase what you are selling.


Joining forces with other leaders in your community can take your business to the next level. Direct sales is a business that tends to grow from word of mouth and customer referrals. Partnering with other direct sellers in your local area (who sell products that don’t compete with your company’s products) and hosting trade shows where you will all benefit from meeting each others’ friends and customers can lead to more exposure for your business. You could also set up a referral program in which you reward your business partners and customers who refer new customers to your business. The rewards you issue could be gift certificates, discounts, and free products from your business.

Video marketing

Your computer’s webcam can be the best technological promotional tool that you have; if you make use of it. Create videos where you describe the features and benefits of your product line.  Post your videos on your website and also on other Internet video streaming websites like YouTube, and UStream. In addition to creating sales videos, you can focus on creating videos about your direct sales company’s marketing plan and why people should consider joining your team. Through videos, others can get a better idea of how you speak and connect with customers and business partners.

Advertising is essential to the growth of your personal brand, but you need to do more than just advertise what your company can do. Exceptionally good customer service should be given to all of your clients every time they do business with you if you want to secure their support for your work. Focus on connecting with people and building trust in those relationships. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone and call people to talk about your business. Invite the people you speak with on the phone to meet with you in person to discuss the benefits of your direct sales company. You are the spokesperson for your brand, and it is up to you to show through consistently doing business with integrity that customers can feel safe interacting with you. Your positive actions along with utilizing effective marketing techniques will help to grow and sustain your business.