One of the main body concerns for women is cellulite. Cellulite is caused by clumps of fat cells pushing up against the fibrous connective tissues. Medical experts classify cellulite as being rippled, dimpled skin around the hips, buttocks and thighs. Whilst many believe excess weight is the cause of cellulite, cellulite is in fact not related to excess weight. In most cases it is caused by hormonal changes. This is why woman of all sizes can get cellulite. Cellulite usually starts to develop when women hit puberty. It can develop when the body’s fat storage areas become blocked due to toxins from sources such as nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Once these storage areas are blocked, the above skin stretches giving it an orange skin-like appearance. Unfortunately there isn’t many ways to completely get rid of cellulite, however there are a few ways to reduce its appearance.

You will need to give yourself approximately seven to eight weeks to break down cellulite. You will need to go through three stages; break down, build up and smooth out.

Break Down

The break down stage involves body brushing, massaging the skin and introducing spirulina into the diet to break down the cellulite.

When body brushing, use a body brush made of natural fibres, such as horsehair. Use long, stroking motions along the back of your thighs and concentrate on the areas where the cellulite is more pronounced. For the buttock area, apply more circular strokes.

Spirulina is a form of cynobacteria which has a lot of health benefits. It contains iodine which helps boost cellular metabolism, which can help break down cellulite. Spirulina can be taken in liquid or tablet form from most health food stores.

Build Up

The build up stage involves the use of skin tightening creams and a development of a healthy eating diet. If you really want to reduce cellulite then you need to eliminate processed food and toxins such as coffee and alcohol as these is what blocks the body’s fat storage areas causing cellulite.

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Whilst caffeine is not good for your diet you can use cellulite cream which contains caffeine to help tighten your skin. Caffeine works by tightening your blood vessels, which can temporarily give your skin a smoother appearance. A recommended cream is, MB Cream Miracleburn.

Smooth Out

Smoothing out is a process involving exfoliation and creams. Exfoliating is good to smooth the skin and revitalize its texture. Use an exfoliator containing granules, such as natural sea salt, and massage it over your skin. Massaging it onto the cellulite prone areas can help break down the fatty deposits under the skin. Although a cream will not be able to prevent cellulite, it can help build up collagen and elastin, which encourages the body’s skin firming cells.

If you find you are still not able to reduce cellulite you can always disguise it. An easy way to camouflage it is to use self tanner. The colour of the self-tanner is great to help reduce any unsightly ripples and lumps.