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Becoming a daily money saver doesn't need to be difficult and it's something that almost everyone can do if you look at some of the things you are spending your hard earned dollars on every day. Most of us spend money on frivolous things that cost too much, we don't really need and that we can do without. Small steps add up to big money savings if done purposefully and consistently. Use these simple tips to start to save money daily, watch your savings grow and get excited about having your dream home, a special vacation or a retirement fund that you'll be able to enjoy.


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Things You'll Need:


Desire to save money



Savings account


Step 1

Make a plan to save money

Make a plan for the additional money you'll be saving every day. Calculate your current bills to figure out what you have left over. Visualize what it is you'd like to have extra money for in three years, in five years and in ten years. You've got to want it badly so that you'll stay focused daily on your goal. In the long run, it will be worth it and you'll be so glad you started saving when you did. You're never too young or too old to create a plan to keep more of your money.


Step 2

Make a journal

Write down the plan in a journal and add photos of the things you want years down the road. This will make it easier to follow the plan without veering off track. Use the ideas of The Law of Attraction to help you plan and visualize. Keep your journal handy so you can look at it every day and that will help you to start to save.


Step 3

Save money daily

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Involve everyone in the family in the new plan to save money daily, get their input and ideas and add their goals and photos to the journal. If you're the only one trying to save money it will be much harder and take way longer than getting everyone on board.


Step 4

Make a list of ways to reduce your spending

Make a list of anything you can live without so that you can start keeping more of what you earn. It's surprising how many how little things add up over a month such as sodas, coffee, lunches, dinners, snacks and treats, movies, clothing or decorative items. One example is to try making your own flavored water instead of soda. If the family really can't eliminate it entirely, add a bottle of soda water to a pitcher of water for the carbonation and flavor with fruit. See resource at end of article. The monthly savings on a soda costing $1.00 a day per month is $30.00 or $360.00 per year, which can be added to the interest bearing savings account you will open. Isn't that amazing and just one example of ways to reduce spending!


Step 5

Open a savings account

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Decide that you will immediately begin paying yourself first before any creditors. Take 10% of your net pay and open an interest bearing savings account that you will not touch. Easily calculate 10% by just moving the decimal point over one notch to the left. For example, if you bring home $500.00, 10% will be $50.00. For generations, successful savers have been saving 10% of their pay and paying themselves first. It works and is one of the best ways to save money.


Step 6

Use coupons and store discounts

Save by shopping food sales and using coupons. Those small savings will add up in your weekly grocery shopping and by the end of the year. Use what you have, eat leftovers and never let food go bad, that's just wasting your hard earned money and throwing money away.


Step 7

Grow your savings account

Find other ways to save money daily by making extra food at dinner for lunch the following day. If a daily lunch costs $5.00 and you eat out 5 days a week, that's $25.00 per week or $100 per month or $1200.00 per year that could be earning interest in a savings account and is one of the best ways to save money.


Step 8

Get healthy

Get healthy and grow your savings account big! The cost of medications, dentist and doctor visits, gas to appointments, hefty insurance premiums could eventually be eliminated and all those funds could start going into your interest bearing savings account. Not to mention that illness causes lack of work and lack of income for many that are not paid to be off of work.


Step 9

Conserve energy

Saving energy is another way to save money daily. Small steps add up to big savings if you start conserving energy at home by changing to low energy light bulbs, shutting off lights, take shorter showers, turning off electronic equipment when you're done using them, lowering the thermostat and bundling up at home instead, opening the windows instead of using air conditioning and adding insulation to doors and windows. This is another way that you could be saving at least $1.00 a day or $30 a month or $360 a year!


Step 10

Buy in bulk to save money

Buy in bulk on items you use frequently for the family to save money. Package items in smaller containers or zip lock baggies when you get home. If you don't need huge amounts of items that may go bad, check with a friend or family member and see if they'd be interested in shopping with you for bulk items that you could share. Shopping for bulk items is only a good idea if you will use all that food to help you save money.


Step 11

Eliminate processed foods and sugar

Eliminate processed foods, fast foods and sugar as these are not only unhealthy but, usually too costly and will be detrimental in trying to save money daily. Read all labels carefully and eat as healthy as possible.


Step 12

Save coins

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Use a dollar bill when you need to purchase something and save the coins in a separate container. At the end of the month, take the coins to your interest bearing savings account. If you save .30 cents a day in coins, that's $9.00 a month or $108.00 per year.


Step 13

Create an investment plan

Think of any other way that you could begin saving money on a daily basis. Could you shop at thrift stores, make your own clothing items or your own candles, bake instead of buying baked goods, watch TV or read instead of renting movies, can your own vegetables, make your own repairs instead of hiring out? Whatever you can do yourself will save you big money when calculated over a year.

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Tips & Warnings


You won't get rich overnight but, in the long run you will see your savings account grow.

Review your plan weekly, then monthly with the family to make sure everyone is doing their part to save money.

Make adjustments as necessary.

Review your savings account after one year and determine if you could switch it to a higher rate CD or other investment strategy such as an IRA.

Continue to find the best ways to keep more money – everyone spends money differently so a customized plan for you will work out when you stay focused with a goal.

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