Use a Top-Notch Web Analytics Package to Get Max ROI from Your Web Site

Do you want to maximize the business leads, or sales from your web site? If you do, you must monitor your web site's traffic. You really need a top notch Web analytics to get the very best, measurable results from any Web site promotion campaign.

You need to know where your visitors come from, where they go and what they do (purchase product, request information, etc.). You need to measure your traffic on order to manage it. If you are not measuring and managing your efforts to improve your ROI, you could be wasting a lot of time and money.

Luckily, you will find many free or low cost tools to use to monitor your traffic. You can get critical web site performance information relatively easily from the top web analytics tools. Some of the metrics that these tools provide include:

  • a list of the keywords your visitors used in their search to find your site
  • which sites (beyond the search engines) refer the most visitors to your site
  • how well your site performs in terms of in meeting your goals
  • and more

In addition to measuring results of your online campaigns, you can use the Web to conduct market research. For example, if you run print ads, you can send Web traffic to a specific page and thus measure the results of that ad. You can also look at the change in Web site traffic after you launch an advertising campaign and use new Web site visitors to gauge the campaign's effectiveness. For market research, you can look at the number of times people visit each page and the amount of time they spend on the page to identify your most popular messages.

If you host your Web site with a third-party ISP, ask them about their Web analytics program. Most top ISPs provide a good Web analytics program as part of their hosting package. In particular, ask about getting access to the referrer report, which gives you information on search engines, keywords, referring Web sites, etc.

If you host your own site (or your ISP does not provide a good stats package), you an use a third-party Web stats package by adding some code to your Web site. Google Analytics is one of the best know hosted solutions.

A few of the best packages for Web site analytics programs include:

  • Google Analytics (a third-party tool provided free by Google)
  • Awstats (pre-installed by many web hosting companies)
  • Web Trends (on server or remotely hosted)