Best Wedding Dress For Body Shape

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If you have a certain body type, like a pear shape body, you want to find the best wedding dress for a pear shaped body that is out there.

So what is a pear shaped body? How do you take your body shape and make it better? What dress styles that are not flattering for a pear shape body?

Simply put, a person that is thin on top and fuller towards the bottom, has a pear shape. This is a common body type and there are many wedding dresses to fit this body shape.

How To Flatter Your Figure

You want to look your best at your wedding and if you want the best wedding dress for your body shape than you must know what to look for before you start to searching for a bridal shop.

The first thing you want to look for is a dress that accentuates your smaller half and flows into your bigger half which is the lower part of your body. This way you find the best wedding dress for pear shaped body out there and still look great in the dress you pick.

Also, you could have a dress that is flowing on top and moves right into the bottom half of your body. 

V-necks are another great style for you. Because of the shape of the V, the attention is placed on the upper half of your body and it makes the lower half look smaller as well. 

I like diagonal draping because of the style and look it creates for while someone is looking at you. 

Things To Avoid For Pear Shape

You have to know that any style you choose for your dress that makes people look at your hips and not your top is going to give the wrong impression. 

Fashion 101 says that if you cover your neck you will most likely accent your hips. If people are not attracted to the top half of your dress, they will naturally look at the bottom half. 

Straight cut dresses really accent the hips. They are beautiful dresses but take the natural progression of the eyes force them down instead of up. 

Stay away from these style dresses.

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Where To Go

If you are looking for the best wedding dress for your body shape than I would recommend you check out David's Bridal. If you have never been just go in and look around. You will be taken back by the amazing dress styles. 

I love this place and it is where my wife got her dress. The service was great and we have pretty much been able to find a David's Bridal everywhere we have looked.

After I did some more research, they have 63 different dresses for pear shaped body types. 

The dresses are beautiful of course and the prices start around $299 for a good dress. 

So in my opinion your best bet to find the best wedding dress for a pear shaped body is to go with Davids Bridal.