Wow! You decided to ask your best bud to act as a groomsman. Tradition demands the groom to prepare gifts to his best man and ushers as appreciation and as souvenirs of the wedding. However, what to give? You want your gifts to relate to your relationship with your spouse or to your bond with your groomsmen. Following, we give you some wonderful options for your groomsmen.

You can delight your groomsmen with gifts to help them look their best, both on your special day and for years to come. Engraved collar stays or tie pins are elegant and unusual ideas. Cufflinks are sold in a big variety of options, and always classic silver or onyx. Also, tie and hanky sets look sharp with the wedding attire and with business suits.

There are those who like practical gifts more. Most homes could use an mp3 player docking station to get rid of the clutter of power cords and sort out electronic accessories. Etched glass coasters can be engraved or can bring to mind a special moment in your friendship. Coffee mugs or bartending kits are items many men would appreciate, as are stop watches or clocks.

For those of your group with a penchant for sports and games, the alternatives are endless. Dart boards and strong darts are welcome in any recreation room. A full poker set is a good way to ensure the continuation of poker night years after your marriage day. Man-themed puzzles and group games can present a challenge, as can chess and backgammon sets. A more group-oriented interactive game might be fun for your livelier friends. It might be a board game, or a more adult-oriented game set. In our times, as outdated stadiums are replaced, a lot of pieces are made from the debris, including paper weights and pens. If your friends are fans of a specific team, a keepsake made from anything used by that team will likely always be kept. Golf tees or golf balls would definitely be useful, as would a set of tennis balls.

So you hope to give the same gifts, but your gift recipients are a world apart from each other when it comes to taste. Not to worry!. Personalized key chains are always useful. Swiss army multi-tools usually are a big hit. Small flasks, stylish pens and money clips make outstanding gifts as well. Travel thermoses fit almost any recipient.

When it comes down to it, consider what you and your friends do together. Are you cigar buffs? Humidors or cigar clippers would be just the thing. Do you all really get into a good barbeque? Think about giving grilling tools or a personalized branding iron. Do your buddies like to call themselves "handymen"? A Leatherman or basic screwdriver set would be a handy gift. Bartender bibles, golf shirts, baseball bats, the variations are limited only by your imagination. It's never a bad idea to thank your friends for attending your big day. With words or with an unu