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On your next family vacation, you should really consider heading out to one of the many best whale watching places in America where it’s possible to book whale watching boat tours. There is nothing quite as remarkable as spending time on a boat checking out these giants of the ocean. Amazingly there are many places in America where it is possible to get a good sighting of many beautiful whale species.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

This is one of the best whale watching spots on the Pacific. You’ll be able to see humpback whales at Glacier Bay National Park frequently, but that’s not the only species you’ll glimpse. Minke whales and blue whales also frequent the water and you can check them out on whale watching boat tours. The loudest animal on earth is the blue whale and when it was first heard people thought it was an earthquake. Singing of blue whales in Glacier Bay can be heard by whales in Japan .The season to check them out is June to August

Cape Code, Massachusetts

An Atlantic hot spot for the best whale watching is Cape Cod, where it is quite simple to book whale watching boat tours. The Gulf of Maine is rich with plankton and eel, which is what they like to feed on. After delivering babies during the winter they head here to feed and fatten up. It is such a popular site that the scientific name for the humpback, Megaptera novaeangliae means ‘big-winged New Englander.’ The best season is April to October.

Maui, Hawaii

A list of the best whale watching spots couldn’t be made without talking about Maui, Hawaii. Whale watching boat tours are kept busy escorting the many tourists out to see countless humpbacks which arrive late December.  Upwards of 3000 humpbacks give birth in these warm waters each year. They also sing to each other to attract mates in these waters. Their biggest season is December to April.

Big Sur, California

Here it’s possible to get some of the best whale watching without leaving the safety of land, simply stand on the cliffs and get a fabulous view. If you’d like a more in depth sight-seeing trip then by all means take one of the many whale watching boat tours. Of these coasts it’s possible to see gray whales, humpbacks, and blue whales year round.


People have been sighting whales in this area for centuries, making it a favorite among whale watchers. With the Columbus Waterfront Park nearby and the New England Aquarium it’s a guaranteed great spot for the best whale watching. It’s easy to find finbacks, minke, humpbacks and even white sided dolphins swimming in these waters. The best time for whale watching boat tours is midsummer as you’re sure to have the highest chance of seeing any of these.

Depoe Bay, Oregon

This is a port where more than ninety percent of whale watchers come for a great show. The best whale watching for gray whales is when they are migrating northward from November through December. You can also catch them migrating south from February to April. There are plenty of options to get out on the waters and see these guys with ten different whale watching boat tours helping people to glimpse these magnificent creatures.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Back to the east coast you’ll get some of the best whale watching at Bar Harbor. Whale watching boat tours leave all the time on the photo hunt for humpbacks, finbacks, and minke. Other wildlife can be seen here as well, including the popular North Atlantic Puffin. There are many ways to schedule a guided tour and one of them is being able to see more than just whales when out on the water. Make the most of your day and check out as much wildlife as possible.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Though it may not be the first place a person thinks of when it comes to whales it is popular for them and that’s all that counts. The best whale watching here is done from late December to mid-march where you can check out many different species including the ever popular humpback and finback whales feeding in these Atlantic waters.  Whale watching boat tours are reasonably priced and can provided an up close and personal view of these fabulous creatures.

Bellingham, Washington State

The islands off the Washington coast allow for some of the best whale watching, especially if you want to catch a glimpse of Orcas. Orcas, or Killer whales are harder to come by on many whale watching expeditions so take advantage of this fantastic location by getting out and seeing the most beautiful of whale species. There are many choices of places to stay near the coast so your vacation can be very convenient. Take one of the many whale watching boat tours and get some photos of Orcas as well as some of the other species that will breach these waters.

North Carolina

The best whale watching time here is from November through April where it is possible to check out right whales, humpbacks and dolphins. This isn’t a place that’s great for coastal watching so you will want to take one of the whale watching boat tours make it possible for travelers to not only see these sea dwellers but to also check out some of the many birds and other wildlife along the coast.

A couple of good rules to follow on your whale watching trip is to remember to be prepared for all sorts of weather. If you can pack a rain jacket as well as sunscreen you will be prepared to enjoy your day. Dress in layers so you can be warm if you need to or cooler if it gets warm out. Finally remember to bring binoculars and cameras so that you can see and record anything fun. If you follow these tips you should be able to have the best whale watching trip you can imagine especially if you take a professionally guided whale watching boat tour.