Wheeled Garment Bag

Travelling extensively on business trips, attending a friend's marriage or even just casual vacations off from work? Well, a wheeled garment bag is all you need to avoid getting your pressed suits, dresses, and fancy gowns wrinkled and creased during any trip in the most hassle-free way imaginable.

What is a Wheeled Garment Bag?

A wheeled garment bag is a bag made especially for clothes that need to be maintained in a neatly pressed condition. Unless you want to iron your suits or dry clean them upon reaching your destination, this bag is a must for business travels or formal engagements.

There are bi-fold and tri-fold garment bags to choose from depending on your preference. A wheeled garment bag may also feature multi-directional spinning wheels and upright handles with retractable push-button locking that allows you to enjoy the convenience of traveling light. This bag can hold about 6 to 8 garments and some bags even feature storage for shoes and accessories so you won't have to bring any more additional bags with you to carry. Multiple interior pockets also provide excellent packing organization.

While a wheeled garment bag is used for what it's made for, this bag also comes in different styles, shapes and sizes to fit your lifestyle and the nature of your trip. There are myriads of colors and patterns available for your liking while retaining the functionality of your bag. Lightweight bags are also very common among garment bags today to allow even more convenience and to avoid paying for extra kilos or pounds during airplane rides.

Wheeled Vs. Carry on Garment Bag

Carry on garment bags are also enjoyed by many people. Basically, they also protect your bags from wrinkles and suspend them on a hanger, or may also be bi-fold or tri-fold bags. Some of them may also have mesh pockets which are usually used for storing smaller clothes like intimates, scarves, ties, accessories, etc. These bags also fit in overhead racks in airplanes which makes it convenient. As its name implies, you will have to carry around this type of bag from one place to the next and cause extra strain on muscles.

However, wheeled garment bags also offer just about the same function as carry on garment bag, plus the fact that it is wheeled. Carrying garment bags becomes a hassle when you have other bags with you and can get pretty messy and stressful. A wheeled garment bag is easier to handle as you will just have to roll it around without having getting your hands and arms full. This also helps to lighten the load especially if you have to carry your bags from one terminal to the next and across large airports. This bag is also more preferable as it generally offers more space to place other personal items and accessories so you won't have to travel with two or three bags at the same time.

Where can I get a wheeled garment bag?

Many luggage companies offer wheeled garment bags. Popular brand names are Samsonite, Travelpro, Wally Bags and Briggs & Riley. With reasonable prices, they supply functional and durable wheeled garment bags that will usually last for many trips before wearing out. Even the wheels are made to last before they become loose and/or start to squeak. Affordable and practical wheeled garment bags are usually sold at $150 to $300 at most. Some bags, however, can range up to $700 to $800, especially if they are designer bags and customized even further.

It is best to invest your money in a durable and economical wheeled garment bag to avoid spending too much. But of course, quality comes with a price so expect that more expensive bags are more durable and will generally last longer. The best thing to do is find the best bag available that is within your budget and avoiding putting in too much or too less. Be sure of what you are purchasing and be certain that you will be satisfied with the bag.


You'll discover that once you make use of a wheeled garment bag, you'll never travel without out one again. Typically, it saves you the time, energy and effort just to get your clothes steamed, pressed or dry cleaned once you arrive at your destination. This also preserves the quality of your clothes. They are also must-have luggage bags that are very handy and practical. They allow you to travel in a casual and relaxed manner because it typically reduces the hassle some other travelers undergo. So the next time you travel ask yourself: why not?