Are you looking for something that can humidify our entire house? Whole house humidifiers come in 5 different types.

They all function in a different way but all equally need the same amount of maintenance in order for them to work properly and provide you with the quality of air that you want. In this hub, I’ll review these whole house humidifiers in order to show you which might be most suited for your needs.

1. Flow through whole house humidifiers – these uses “water pads” that are made from foam, expanded aluminum as well as a few other materials.

Water would basically drip onto the top of this square and then the air from the heating system would flow through it, picking up the water particles and eventually carries it out of the air ducts, spreading it throughout the entire house. The water that gets left behind would be drained through the base of the humidifier.

2. Drum humidifiers – so called because of their drum shaped rotating frame which is powered by a small voltage motor, its rotating foam allows the air that flows through the drum to pick up moisture from it which it would then spread through the entire home.

The downside to this type is that it requires more maintenance compared to the other varieties.

3. Wick type – this is made out of a small reservoir as well as a filter or a wick which absorbs water from the reservoir.

The entire assembly is set inside the air duct which would then send air flowing through the wick, picking up moisture and carrying out into the house. It’s the cheaper option but doesn’t work as well as the others.

4. Spray mist – this type sprays mist into the air. I do not recommend using this if you water supply is either a private or community well because this would immediately contaminate your spray head thus the need to replace it immediately.

5. Steam whole house humidifiers – this is the most expensive of the different varieties and isn’t at all cheap to operate as well. It is very advanced in terms of technology and as such, the cost of maintenance can be quite expensive as well.

If you don’t mind spending money on it or if you plan on using it for a business establishment then go right ahead and purchase it.