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Many women have experienced the shock and pain of being diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer or some other dangerous form of this disease. When they hear the diagnosis, their first and most important concern is that they will need to do whatever is necessary to save their own life.  Often, their next worry is about the cost of their medical treatments.  As if it is not enough for them to have to face the fear, worry and pain caused by the disease, the treatments themselves may cause even more pain and suffering.  Patients are often exhausted during their treatments.

To make matters worse, one common side effect of many cancer treatments is hair loss. Many women, in particular, feel embarrassed, depressed and uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in public without hair. For these women, there are a wide variety of wigs and other hair coverings available to help them feel more comfortable when they go out in public.

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Cancer Wigs and Hats

 Many different companies now provide a wide variety of ways for cancer patients to hide their hair loss.  A vast assortment of these items can be purchased from Amazon.  They have thousands of different wigs, scarfs, hats and other types of hair coverings for people who are suffering from hair loss due to their cancer treatments.  If you are interested in seeing what they currently have available, use this direct link to wigs and haircoverings for cancer patients from  Amazon is an excellent site for comparison shopping as well as for picking up inexpensive products to cover your scalp.  At a time when you may be overwhelmed by the cost of your treatments, finding inexpensive hair coverings can be a relief.

Another company is Ace Wigs, a retailer that offers over 4000 wig styles at discount prices. They offer a medical discount, and have a selection of styles designed just for people who are suffering from medical conditions that have caused them to lose their hair. One of the web services they offer is their color matching tool. If you want your wig to match your natural shade, you can take a photo of it and upload the picture. Their Color Ace web tool will help you find wigs that are a perfect match for your own hair. They have a special website for medical styles which you can find at It is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing an online source at affordable prices.

One other website you may want to contact is the TLC Cancer Care Catalog, which is available online. They offer beautiful and affordable wigs, hairpieces and wig care products. Their wigs are high quality, machine tied and are provided by the American Cancer Society. TLC Direct also advertises that their wigs, hairpieces and wig care products are returnable for a full refund, credit or exchange for up to 60 days after the purchase. Because many people who have medical conditions resulting in baldness also suffer from sensitive skin, TLC tries to make sure that their products are comfortable and fit well. They also offer turbans, headwraps and scarves, as well as products for women who have undergone a mastectomy. Their website is

Most other major online wig retailers also offer a selection of styles that have been especially designed for cancer patients, so be sure to shop around. In addition, you may want to learn more by reading the article, "Medical Wigs For Sale."

Headcovers for Cancer Patients

 Sometimes patients would like to have choices other than wearing a wig. Headcovers Unlimited offers a wide selection of headwear, including hats, turbans, hats with hair, wigs, scarves and even swim caps. Turbans, for example, are available for under $10, and can be a thoughtful gift for a friend who is suffering from hair loss. Many of the hats with hair are available for under $40, and are a nice change of pace for someone who does not always want to wear a plain wig. You can get more information about their extensive line of products at  You can also buy turbans and other headwraps from 

Wigs for Children who are Cancer Patients

 If the cancer patient is under age 18, there are a couple of non-profit organizations that will provide them with natural hair wigs either for free, or at an affordable price based on a sliding scale. You can submit an application to these organizations to find out if your child would qualify for assistance. One of these non-profits is called Wigs for Kids, and the other is called Locks of Love. Many people donate their own hair to these organizations in order to help them provide wigs for children who need them. You can find out more about this assistance for children who are cancer patients in the article, "Best Wigs for Kids."

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