Looking for the best Wii U accessories under 50 dollars? There are a number of great accessories you can buy for your new Nintendo Wii Console without having to blow your budget. There's a ton of great headsets, controllers, skins, chargers, and other console gaming equipment you can buy or the Wii U. These accessories will give you more fun with your console and the games that you play. Look for new gaming accessories to come out soon for this new Nintendo console.


One accessory you need if you want to play multiplayer games on your Wii U such as Black Ops II is a good gaming headset. These are ideal for multiplayer games and you'll need one of you are hard-core into multi-player games. You can get headsets under $50.00 but you might want to pay a bit more it all depends upon what you need. One recommendation is the  Turtle Beach Ear Force NLa Gaming Headset which is around $35.00 online. Ideally you'll probably want to pay for a headset but this one will do if you're just starting out with the Wii U.


In addition to the great gamepad that ships with the Wii U you'll proabably want to get a good Wii U gamepad controller. One recommendation is the Pro Controller U for Wii and Wii U - Gold LE. This is a nice controller for the Wii U. Some controllers will cost around $60-$75.00 but you can get a few under 50 dollars. Make sure the controllers you buy are designed for the Wii U and are brand names don't buy the ultra cheap controllers because you'll have a poor experience with them.


Wii U Skins

One thing that's cool about the new controller is that you can a buy a lot of nice skins for it so you cna make it your own just like you would buy a skin or your tablet or phone. There's tons of skins out there now and more are coming on the market all the time. In the coming months there will be many of these Wii U skins so you'll be able to get the look you want with your controller.

Cradle and Charging Stations

Other great accessories for your Wii U are chargers and cradles for your controller. The cradle will keep your controller out of the way when you're not uisng it and the charger will keep the controller full charged. You'll always have power when you're playing your favorite game. It's important to keep the gamepad fully charged so a charger is a handy thing to have. Theese will run you betwee $10-$40. Try to get a decent charger as the cheap ones aren't worth buying. the stand is a pretty basic accessory and it's quite cheap.

Screen Protectors

You might want to buy some plastic screen protectors to go over your gamepad to keep the glass from getitng scratched. This is ideal if you have kids and are concerned about them scratching up the glass when they play. Plastic protectors are very cheap so this isn't a big expense for your Wii U. You can buy stylus and screen protector packs which are handy to have too.

Many Great Accessories

There are a lot great accessories for the Wii U under 50 dollars so you won't have to spend a lot of money. Some of the nicer headsets and controllers will cost more but most everything else is quite cheap. Make sure you buy brand name accessories and don't bother with the cheaper stuff because you'll end up disappointed.