Blendtec is a company that makes a line of very powerful blenders. "Will It Blend" is a hilarious viral marketing campaign starring the CEO of Blendtec, Tom Dickson. Part inventor, part business owner, and part showman , Mr. Dickson has made an art out of destroying hundreds of different things in his Blendtec blenders to show their power and durability. 

Here we look at some of the greatest "Will It Blend" video clips that feature some of the most expensive items ever blended.  Years of research and development, stunning design and technology, and blended to dust in just a few seconds! You'll probably notice that Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone make up many of the videos, but don't worry Microsoft and Google products get blended too.  These are dangerous and should not be attempted at home.

Guitar Hero III

Tom Dickson has blended a bunch of video games on Will It Blend. But on Will It Blend? Guitar Hero III, he doesn't just blend the game, he blends the entire guitar controller! Rock and roll baby. Next time include the Beach Boys on the game so you do not anger the mighty Mr. Dickson.

Kinect for XBox 360

Microsoft tried to one up Nintendo's Wii with a motion controlled add on for their XBox 360 gaming console. Kinect tracks your body motion and translates that into in game action making the Wii controller seem a bit dated. But Dickson here sets Kinect into motion but not in the way Microsoft planned.

Tom's Tom Tom

Don't you hate when your GPS leads you on some strange route, takes you in the wrong direction, or can't even find the address? Most of us just reset the GPS and try again. Not Tom.  His GPS troubleshooting solution is extreme but ensures the Tom Tom will never mislead him again.

Sonim XP3300 Force - One Tough Cell Phone

The Sonim XP 3300 Force is billed as one of the toughest cell phones around. Will It Blend? decides to test this bold claim and see if the Force can withstand steel blades moving at very fast speeds. So does it survive the ultimate toughness test? Watch and find out. 

Google Chrome Notebook

Tom blends up a Google Chrome notebook aka a netbook. After a bit of snapping and bending it is time to blend. Coming up next we take a look at some of the highest viewed Will It Blend? episodes ever featuring Apple products. What is it about Apple products that make viewers demand they get blended up over and over?

Apple iPod MP3 Player

One of the earlier Apple iPod high capacity models put to the Blendtec test. It fails quickly and Tom effectively silences the music. Almost painful to watch!

Original Apple iPhone

What better way to celebrate the release of one of the most innovative cell phones ever developed? By throwing it in a blender and watching the magic happen. Watching the first Apple iPhone being destroyed must have been painful to watch back in 2007 for those who couldn't even get their hands on one for weeks!

Apple iPad

See if you can even watch this one. Will It Blend? tackles the original Apple iPad tablet. But it doesn't fit in the blender so Tom takes matters into his own hands. It's amazing he left it turned on while blending. Amazing technology: smashed and blended for your viewing pleasure. 

Apple iPad 2

Styled after an Apple Event, this Will It Blend? features a stage, a Steve Jobs impersonator, and of course Tom Dickson with one of his Blendtec blenders and makes something else out of the magical and revolutionary Apple iPad.  Tom uses the same technique as the original iPad blending to get the tablet into his blender. It's almost painful to watch such a marvel of technology like the new iPad get smashed and trashed. 

Apple iPhone 4S

Tom Dickson blends up the latest Apple iPhone 4s with Siri technology while introducing a new free iPad App for Will It Blend? fans. This video features a camera angle that gets you right into the blending action, one of the best Will It Blend? electronics video so far. The voice overs add a touch of humor as we watch one of the best smartphones ever designed being completely destroyed. Siri is not pleased.

These are just 10 of the hundred of Will It Blend? episodes available. You've just watched thousands of dollars worth of beautiful electronic techonology obilterated for your viewing pleasure. Remember kids, Tom Dickson says "Don't Try This at Home" and "Don't Breath That In," those burnt electronic fumes and noxious smoke is dangerous. Tom Dickson uses his Blendtec blenders to blend everything from lighters and glow sticks to crowbars and Chuck Norris. 

Speaking of messed up Apple iPods, if you have an iPod with a lot of scratches on it's surface you can learn how to minimize and remove scratches on your iPod here: Remove Scratches on Apple iPod . Well it won't fix a blended iPod but it'll have your intact iPod looking like new!