Last years coats are well... so last year. So, when the temperatures start to cool and winter is just around the corner it is time to hit the stores in search of the best winter coats for kids.  With the changing of the seasons also comes changes in fashion trends which should be considered, especially when shopping for school aged children and teens. 


Choosing the Best Winter Coat for Kids 

Not all coats are created equally nor are all winter jackets designed to combat all the different weather conditions that can be common during the winter months, from one location to the next. In some areas the biggest concern is simply the temperatures where as other areas might see heavy rains or deep snow falls. These are factors that must be taken into consideration when shopping for the best winter coats for kids. 

Waterproof Winter Coats and Jackets

If rain or wet snow is a regular occurrence then a winter jacket that features a waterproof lining will be an optimal choice when selecting the best coat. These can be found at nearly any retail and most kids specialty clothing stores as well as in a number of designer styles in both name brand and off brand labels. 

Multi-Season Coats

For obvious reasons, as well as a cost effective and cheap approach to a child's seasonal wardrobe -- multi-season coats may be the best choice. These jackets are often (though not always) thinner in design and made up of removable layers. The most common styles offer a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 option. These consist of a full featured coat designed to tackle the coldest months but break down into a lighter spring or fall jacket and in some cases go even further and offer a 3rd  layer which is often a vest.

Winter Coats for Moderate Temperatures 

If the cold season progresses pretty uneventfully and simply leaves a chill in the air then lighter weight winter coats and fleece style jackets can provide an effective buffer against the cold. These light weight winter coats for kids will allow them the freedom to move around without being weighed down by more coat than they need. 

Winter Coats for Girls

Long Wool Hooded Coat for Girls

Girls winter coats can be found in an abundance of trendy and fashionable designer styles. Some of the most popular styles for girls this winter are: A-line cuts such as the Peacoat and mid to long length trench; faux fur, shearling and fleece lined jackets that make them feel like a princess; parka's --down filled or light weight jackets keep them warm and looking trendy,  with a style that seems to stay in-style year after year. 


Boys Winter Coats

Winter Coats for Boys

Boy's winter jackets, much like the selection for girls, can contain an abundance of styles, colors and designs. On average however, unlike girls coats,  the designs and styles seem to stay the course from childhood to adult, with the exception of some character themed winter coats for kids. Some of the most fashionable winter styled outerwear for boys this season are: over-sized, down or fiber filled parka's; puffer jackets, many of which can be great for winter regardless of weather ; zip up hoodies and fleece's that can help block out mild chill's. 


Tips for Choosing the Best Winter Coat for Kids

  • Take them along to ensure a good and proper fit. They should be able to move freely in a coat that is neither too large or too small. 
  • Give the child a say on which coat they get and they will be less likely to "forget" their coats at home.
  • Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality nor does a name brand label guarantee high quality so don't be afraid to bargain shop and compare materials. 
  • Don't let the fact that a coat doesn't come with all the bells and whistles (attached hats, multi-layers...) keep you from selecting it. Hats and light weight jackets can be purchased separately and often at a cheaper cost than an all in one.