Mens Winter Coats

Carhartt Winter Coats for Men

Some men try to tough it out without getting a winter coat. Depending on where you live you can get away with that, but for most it is necessary to get a good men's winter coat. When the temperature starts to drop and most traces of summer or fall are gone then it is time to think about buying a winter coat before you're caught cold. Because most people can get by for the majority of the year with zip up or pull over hoodies, it's easy to forget that the freezing weather demands warm winter coats. For men, there some winter coat styles that work great for cold weather.

Before buying a men's winter coat make sure you know what winter coats for men are best. Make a decision before shopping if you are buying more than one winter coat. If you go snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, or some other winter sports then you might want a sports clothing specific snowboarding coat or ski jacket plus a workwear winter coat, or a warm jacket for around town. If you do not have the time to go to the store then shopping online is a great solution and often cheaper. For those trying to find discount winter jackets or cheap winter coats, try online shopping.

Best Winter Coats for Men

There are several different brands of men's winter coats, but they are not all built the same. Some of them are better for colder weather, some for rain, others for getting down and dirty in the snow. There are enough great brands of winter coats for men that you can find something you like. Most likely, you will end up tied between the best two winter coats and have to flip a coin. If you really want a menwinter coat for cold weather, or for snowboarding or skiing, then check out these best winter coats for men. Most of them also come in smaller sizes so they are great as boys winter coats. If you are shopping for the family then you can find great winter coats for all of you.

Carhartt Winter Coats for Men

Carhartt brand coats and clothing is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to quality workwear. Carhartt coats for men are made tough, whether that means fireproof or waterproof, and that makes them great warm winter coats for men. Investing in Carhartt clothing is a smart move if you are looking for something that is going to last. For a Carhartt coat check out the Carhartt Mens Waterproof Breathable Coat Gateway. There is also the Carhartt Quilted Flannel-Lined Extremes Active Jacket or the Carhartt Men's Sandstone Sierra Jacket. The nice thing about this one is that it can be shipped outside of the U.S. There are other heavy coat choices that are great men's winter coats, such as the sherpa lined or sandstone Carhartt coat, with and without a hood. These are great coats for staying warm. There are other styles depending on what you want for a winter coat. Most of these Carhartt winter coats for men are waterproof or water resistant. You cannot go wrong by choosing Carhartt as a winter coat for men or boys. Carhartt brand also makes some of the best women's winter coats.

Update Your Winter Fashion with a New Warm Coat

North Face Winter Coats for Men or Boys

North Face has great winter coats for men. The North Face winter coats for men work as good cold weather jackets to keep you warm as well as working as a ski jacket. The North Face Denali Wind Pro for men is a good coat, but you may want a thicker coat for winter. Other good winter coats from North Face are the Illiad or Spilway. You cannot go wrong choosing North Face winter coats for men, boys, or children.

Patagonia Winter Coats for Men

Patagonia winter coats for men are also great sports clothing to wear snowboarding, skiing, and through other winter sports and outings. Patagonia has several different types of winter coats from pull over down jackets to the Patagonia Insulated Snowshot Jacket for men. The Patagonia Insulated Snowshot is down, has a removable hood that can hold a helmet, thermal lining, pocket warmers inside the coat, pit zippers, and is waterproof and breathable like many of their other winter coats. There are also other types of Patagonia winter coats for men.

Columbia Winter Coats for Men

It is hard to talk about winter coats for men or boys without mentioning Columbia. Winter coats and jackets by Columbia have been around a long time. Most of the Columbia winter coats are waterproof and help against the wind. Depending on the style you can get a coat for skiing or one for outings around the city or your back country home. Some styles of Columbia winter coats for men are the Columbia Bugaboo Parka, the Men's Alpine Lift Jacket, and the The Columbia Double Whammy. The Columbia Double Whammy is a nice looking winter coat for men. It can be used for skiing or just staying warm and comes in several colors. The Double Whammy winter coat is on sale at Amazon for almost half off the original price. Buying Columbia winter coats for men or as a boy's winter jacket is a good investment.

Other Styles and Brands of Winter Coats for Men

Getting a winter coat can be a big decision because if you are not getting a cheap winter coat then it can cost a little. However, if you spend the money on a quality winter coat then it will last you for more than one year or season. When you are buying winter coats for boys it is a good idea to get a coat they can grow into and look for discounted winter coats at outlet shops or for discontinued winter coat styles. You can save money on winter coats and other winter apparel like snowboard boots by shopping outlets and sales.

A few other winter coat brands for men are Marmot. Marmot has heavy down coats for snow activities or super cold city and country living. The Marmot Zeus or Greenland are good choices. Some other winter coat brands are Burton, Oakley, and Dickies. You can also shop at REI, L.L. Bean, Cabela's, Land's End, and Eddie Bauer. If you don't like to shop winter coat brands, shop styles. Winter coat styles include microfiber jackets, denim jackets, reversible jackets, hoodie jackets, leather jackets, and a lot of guys dig hipster jackets (and the skinny jeans). Whether it is a men's wool winter coat or a wool hipster jacket is up to you, but wool coats for winter are good.

Winter coats for men make great Christmas presents or at other holiday gift giving time. Give the gift of staying warm. If you are not sure what to get for someone else you can give Amazon gift cards (offers gift cards for a variety of stores). When you buy new winter coats and jackets remember to donate your old coats . You can donate your winter coats to Coats for Kids or local food and clothing or coat drives that help families stay warm during winter.