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Best Winter Coats Brands for Women & Girls

Winter Coats

Buying a coat for winter should not be a quick decision. If you choose a good winter coat then you will not have to buy a winter coat each year. Having a good warm winter coat can make cold and dreary winters much easier to survive. Sometimes women have trouble finding winter coats because they are trying to find something that looks good and stylish along with being warm enough to serve as a winter coat. The following brands of coats are good for women and also for men.

Best Winter Coats for Women

The following brands of coats are some of the best for cold weather. Within these winter coats brands for women there are many different styles. If you are serious about buying a winter coat for cold weather, or for the snowboarding or ski season, then these brands are at the top of the list to check out. Within them, you kind find anything from fleece lined jackets to heavy down coats or trench coats, and just about everything in between. All of these brands also work as winter coats for teen girls or juniors. They each have variable sizes so you can get kids winter coats. Pick out a warm winter coat for you and buy coats for the kids, too.

Carhartt Clothing and Coats for Women

Carhartt is an excellent clothing brand.  The Carhartt brand is associated withPink Carhartt Coat for WomenCredit: Amazon.com tough work clothing, but that doesn't mean their coats are not made for women.  Carhartt coats and jackets for women have a "princess" cut in the back.  The princess seam gives the coat a more fitted and feminine look. Women's Carhartt coats and jackets come in a variety of colors, materials (including fire resistant), and styles.  Whether you need a warm winter coat with sherpa lining, flannel lining, or warm and waterproof, Carhartt jackets are an excellent choice for the money. 

Carhartt's Sandstone Sierra Jacket is a popular coat for women and comes in several colors, including pink, red, purple, and black.  

Women's Carhartt coats stand up to wear and tear throughout the years because of their tough stitching and durable material. 

North Face Women's Coats

The North Face is another popular coat brand that makes warm clothing and coats for women.  The North Face Women's Denali Thermal Jacket is a very popular women's coat.  North Face coats for women are popular, especially for the North Face fleece winter coats. These winter coats for women are great for being able to layer snowboarding coats or just other larger winter coats. One other great North Face winter coat for women is the North Face Down Triclimate Jacket. This women's winter coat has a removable down liner with waterproof fabric plus a zip out vest.

Columbia Sportswear Sports Clothing

Columbia has made solid clothing for years. They have several different types of winter coats for women including snowboarding clothing and other snow gear. Columbia winter jackets are excellent options for women to stay warm. One Columbia coat style for women is the Pavilion Parka. This is a popular type of winter coat that is made out of breathable and weatherproof material. Clearance sales are a great time to pick up a cheap snowboarding coat, ski coat, or just a discount winter coat in general. Columbia has some of the top rated and best winter coats for women. Columbia coats are sold in many styles so they are a good choice for many winter climates.

More Best Winter Coats for Women

Several different styles and materials make winter jackets for women. Winter coat styles and cuts are aimed at warming and accentuating her body. The variety of cuts offer women of all sizes great looking winter coats. The best plus size coat styles fit the body shape, except for ski and snowboarding jackets which are more about waterproof and keeping warm. Winter coats for women are made from different materials, for example, leather, down, wool, cashmere blend, or fur. Winter coat styles like straight line trench coats, pea coats, and fashion coats. Black or khaki trench coats for winter gives her the chic look.

Winter Coats for Women - Parkas and Down Jackets

Parkas and down coats for winter are warm and comfortable. Add the detachable hood option on the down coat and it makes a great, warm winter coat. Jessie G. winter coats for women are very populaJessie G Parka Winter Coat for WomenCredit: Amazon.comr and highly rated by customers on Amazon. Jessie G. coats offer various style and length options, like down coats or wool coats, some with hoods and fur trim.  The Jessie G. down parka is a top rated women's winter. Jessie G., Eddie Bauer, and BGSD down parkas are on sale at Amazon. For a warm winter coat try the Jessie G parka and save money because it is marked down 62% off regular price for a clearance sale discount price.

Women buying faux fur coats should be aware of the real fur found in faux fur coats. Some women are allergic to fur or have opposition to real fur coats. Before buying a women's winter coat with faux fur lining be aware that faux fur hoods are often made from real fur pieces in cheaper coats. A faux fur winter coat expose found that faux fur coats with fur-free labels made with raccoon dog fur.

Sometimes shopping for winter coats is no fun, but giving a winter coat to someone is a great gift. Winter coats make excellent Christmas presents and birthday gifts. When you are shopping online look for stores that offer free shipping so you save money. Amazon often has free ground shipping. If you are looking for cheap winter coats then check stores at the end of the season or at the very beginning, when winter coats are in outlet and discounts. Pick up some warm winter clothes, too, especially for layering during cold weather. Donate old winter coats to coat drives for low income and homeless folks. Giving the gift of warmth through winter coats for families who cannot afford them is an excellent gift.