So, you and your partner are watching TV in bed, and you are wide awake and she wants to go to sleep, but you are not ready for sleep, and want to watch the end of the show, so what do you do? She can put on her eye mask to darken the room for sleep, but you want to watch the end of the show, and you are not a lip reader so putting it on mute will not help.

You are all comfy, and don't want to head into the den, you want to watch it right there in bed. So, this is wear you get out your wireless headphones for TV. You find the best ones for you, set it up, and then you can switch to these at any time. This means you can watch TV, and not disturb anyone else. Plus with these, there are no long wires attached to the TV, for you or anyone else to trip over.

They are not scratchy, like the first ones that came out, they are good quality sound, as long as you get a good make. Below are two brands that are doing well with the wireless for TV or Stereo market. You can shop at your local electronic store, or you can also get some amazing deals online.

These have become popular as we all like to listen to and watch our own programs, and with a TV in almost every room now, there is no need for blaring volumes. This can be great also, for your teenager, who loves to crank the TV for the latest music video or loud movie late at night.

Either way, there are a few models on the market, but here are a couple of the best wireless headphones for TV on the market right now.

Sony makes a Infrared system, that works well, it is lightweight, and comes with a transmitter. You can wear these Sony headphones for television or stereo comfortably for hours. It can transmit up to 24 feet, so no wires to get in the way. Sony makes a few other models as well. You can usually get these in your local electronics store, on the Sony website, or Amazon has many to choose from as well, if you like to shop online wireless headphones

Wireless Headphones for TV or StereoCredit:

Sennheiser is another good company that makes headphones. Great sound, and totally comfortable on your head for hours. If you don't want to disturb anyone, then this is the way to go. Some of the Sennheiser models are expensive but the quality is top notch.



Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphone with Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound
Amazon Price: $279.95 $217.44 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 7, 2013)
these are superb quality.

Many of their models, will go up to 100 meters away from the base. This would be great for stereos! But for TV needs, Sennheiser makes many models in different price ranges. All are good quality.

You can purchase Sennheiser online at Amazon wireless headphones or at local electronic stores. There prices are variable, so just make sure and check out the specks for each model number to see if it would work for you.

If you are finding watching TV difficult for the times you want to watch it. Maybe you work shifts, or maybe you don't want to hear the other TVs in the house or stereo blaring from your teenagers room, then maybe it is time for wireless headphones for Television in your house, either for you or for all of them!

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