The following is a list of my personal favorite Wisconsin Dells water parks and attractions that I would like to share with you.  I have taken around 20 trips there so far, and plan to take at least one or two more again this year.  I have taken weeklong trips, and two day, quick vacations. I have stayed at every major resort and I have visited virtually every attraction worth seeing while there.  I would like to share some of my favorites with you, along with some travel trips that have served me very well during my Wisconsin Dells vacations.

Top Wisconsin Dells Waterparks/Theme Parks

I am going to lump the indoor and outdoor parks together, but will go over a little information about each.  The ones on this list are my favorites by far.

1 - Mt. Olympus

Poseidon’s Rage is the most incredible wave pool I have ever been in.  It is different from the others, as it just produces one wave every 90 seconds, but it is a giant wave, almost ocean-like.  They have great water and dry rides as well, including some roller coasters.  Not only do they have a great waterpark, but their theme parks are fantastic.  You can ride go carts, a duck amphibious vehicle, and traditional carnival rides.  The indoor theme park and indoor waterpark are decent for winter trips, but certainly do not hold a candle to the outdoor activities you can take part in at the park during the summer. 

2 - Noah’s Ark

The only reason this one isn’t number one on the list is that it is all water rides and is not open during the winter.  If you are into waterslides, this is the single best place to go.  It is pretty expensive, right around forty dollars per person, but you can find coupons and they often have splash back days during the summer, where a second consecutive day is only $1. It is my kids’ favorite place to visit.  You and your children will not be disappointed.

3 - Chula Vista

The lazy river is really nice at this Wisconsin Dells resort.  They have a great indoor waterpark and a decent outdoor waterpark.  You will find the resort and waterpark very clean and well kept, probably because it was recently remodeled.  While the actual play areas are not quite as big as the others, I find the compact layout great.  There is not a lot of wasted room and you don’t have to walk for long distances to get to the waterslides.   For this reason, I put it above Kalahari and the Wilderness.

Best Wisconsin Dells Attractions

I have seen a ton of different things while vacationing there, and would like to share some of things you might enjoy doing when you just don’t want to hit the waterparks any longer.

Duck Rides:   There is more than one, but I prefer the Original Dells Ducks.  You will take a ride downtown and go into water on an old amphibious army vehicle.  It is a lot of fun and it’s pretty unique.  It can be expensive, so be sure to look for coupons.

Magi Quest:  Located by the Great Wolf Lodge and Knuckleheads, this is a great value for kids and adults.  It is the rough equivalent to a real life video game.  You can buy a single wand, which is needed to unlock treasures and do battle with dragons, for the entire family to share.  For first time goers, a family can expect the adventure to last for at least a half day, perhaps longer.  For this reason, I like this one much better than Wizard Quest, a similar attraction downtown.  Wizard Quest limits users to 90 minutes.  If you have young children and it is your first time, it will not be anywhere near long enough to complete the mission. 

Dells Mining Company:  This is great for a quick and fun activity when you are tired of all the waterparks.  There are two locations to choose from.  You buy buckets of sand that have raw gemstones in them and sift out the sand in a makeshift river.   Buckets can be purchased for as little as $15 each and children can share a single bucket.  When you are done finding all the gemstones, you can take them to an expert who will tell you what you have.  We have found emerald, amethyst, and countless other gems.  They will cut and polish them for you and set them on jewelry for an additional charge.

Knuckleheads:  It’s not overly big, but it is a lot of fun for a half day.  It can be pretty expensive, so be sure to look for coupons and deals.   They feature carnival style rides and bowling.  It is a lot of fun for younger children, but adults might get a little bored, unless they like to bowl, play video games, or watch the kids.  I would highly suggest eating at Buffalo Phil’s, which is attached, for some of the best pizza and a unique dining atmosphere featuring a train that brings you your food.

Quick Tips for Wisconsin Dells Travelers

I just have a few tips that have served me well over the years of visiting Wisconsin Dells waterparks, theme parks, and attractions.

Weekday Travel:  You will have to burn up vacation days, but Wisconsin Dells is packed during the summer on the weekends.  Lines get very long, which really limits the number of rides you can try.  You will also find lodging much cheaper during the week.

Look for Hotel Deals:  Many local hotels offer packages that include tickets to Mt. Olympus, Chula Vista waterparks, and Noah’s Ark.  This will save you a lot of money.  Don’t be afraid to hotel hop on longer trips to get free passes to various water parks and attractions.  You will save a lot of money this way.

Coupons For Everything:  If it is in the Dells, there is most likely a coupon for it.  Check at the hotel room and look in the phone book.  You will also find coupons for almost everything inside of gas stations and hotel lobbies.

Try Less Popular Attractions:  One of my favorites is Water World, although they are now open for very limited hours.  It is not as big as the others, but tickets are about one third of the price of the major parks.  They have carnival rides, go carts, waterslides, and wave pools.  You can also check out the feed the deer park, Timbvati, and some others for a nice break.  The crowds aren’t nearly as big and it serves as nice break from the craziness.