When you are playing World of Warcraft, you're always going to be interested in earning more gold and finding the best WoW gold farming techniques. Here are a couple of tips that helped improve how efficiently I gathered gold which also meant that I was able to farm quite a bit more. When farming on WoW, following these techniques can help you increase how much money you earn in each farming session.

No matter where you farm, you're going to make money. But, everyone wants to maximize how much gold they make each time they log in. Changing a few easy habits when farming can help you increase how much gold you're earning per hour by drastic amounts. You'll go from barely breaking the teens, to making hundreds of gold an hour with just a few tips.

1. Create More Bag Space

When you go to your farming spots, always make sure your bags are as empty as you can make them. Buy larger bags as soon as you are able or have a friendly tailor make them for you. If you are opting to buy, just make sure to buy from the Auction House and not vendors. Vendor prices are a rip-off just for more slots.

More bag space means more drops before you have to go back to a vendor. Carry around food and water as you need them, but get rid of all the extra gear that can be weighing you down and slowing down your gold earning power. Saving all your drops to vendor them will get you a little extra gold in addition to anything else you plan on vendoring or selling on auction house.

2. Work Efficiently

When you get to where you intend on farming, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to work farming those items. Set a goal for yourself of how many of an item that you want to get before leaving, and keep pushing yourself to kill mobs faster, and find the best way to maximize killing time and minimize regaining mana. If you find that a certain mob type, like a caster, is making you drink or eat after every fight, try avoiding them if you can and go on to the next one. Once you find a good groove for an area, you'll notice the drop rate increase.

3. Don't Give Up

And as always, be patient. It can be discouraging to be in an area and not get the drops you want for a long time. You may notice a decline in the average drop, or that someone else has arrived and started killing mobs as well. Don't give up on a spot because someone else showed up. As you persevere, they'll get discouraged and move on to a new camp.

When it comes right down to it, the best WoW gold farming techniques come down to being both organized and patient. Of course, it also helps having a few great ideas about what to farm. If you want easy gold in WoW, try farming eternals.