Why Wooden Planter Boxes?

Nothing improves the look of your home more than perfectly chosen landscaping. Trees, flowers and other plants have a way of making everything look better but some places like decks and patios can be very difficult if not impossible to landscape with out the use of some type of container. One of the more ideal containers for these situations is wooden planter boxes. The versatility of these containers is amazing they can be used indoors, outdoors, on a window, on decks, deck rail and even in your yard or garden. Large or small, cedar, redwood or treated it doesn't matter what your wanting you can find boxes in just about every way imaginable which is where this article comes in. If you are looking for just the right wooden plant box or boxes for your home the information in this article will help.

Outdoor Planter Boxes

As mentioned above there are many options when choosing your planter boxes and of courseWooden Bench Planter Boxes most planter boxes are designed to be outdoors so just about anything you choose will work. Things like the size of the container and the wood type might some of the first things you consider but there is one other thing that might not have thought of. Can your planter box have multiple uses? Well of course it can for example the Single Eucalyptus Planter Bench available at Amazon.com. This bench would be a great addition to any deck or patio but would look great in just about any area of you yard. Made of durable eucalyptus this slatted bench is supported by two large planter boxes all having an oil finish. This bench planter box combo can easily be assembled and disassembled for easy planting and moving. Other bench planter can be found at Amazon or for an even bigger selection go to Benches.com where they have benches with two and three planter boxes attached plus much more.

Wood Country Wooden Planter Box and Bench Set
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(price as of Dec 21, 2016)

Other products like the Matthews Redwood 530 Square Wood Planter might not have multiple uses but that doesn't mean they don't work great has planters. This wooden planter box is 14" square and 12" high made of 100% redwood heart wood and comes in an unstained natural color. Its cost is about $40.00 and can be found at Amazon, Sears and Buy.com.

Cedar Planter Boxes

Cedar Planter Box 18 in W x 48 in L x 19 in H

Cedar is one of the best woods for making anything that goes outdoors. Besides being beautiful and smell good it has natural preservatives that protect it from decay, insects and the elements. If cedar is your first choice of wood then there are several sites you can visit to shop around including Target.com, Amazon.com and probably the best would be Cedarwoodfurniture.com which has a huge selection of cedar products. Items they carry include villa square and rectangle patio planters, cube planters, planters with an attached trellis, bench planters and even cedar plant dollies for moving you planter with ease.

Cedar Creek 2034PT Rectangular Planter
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(price as of Dec 21, 2016)

Window Planter Boxes

Windows are one of the more traditional locations for planter boxes and until recently have Mayne Fairfield Molded Plastic Window Box Planteralmost always been made of wood but with modern composite wood this has all changed. Of course you can still get wooden window boxes and there a lot of good places to go to find them two being Hooksandlattice.com and Woodenbox.com. With almost twenty different boxes between them these two sites should about any design of box that you can think of. Of course the disadvantages in using real wood is that you will need to replace your boxes in a matter of years. That is were composite or PVC boxes come in. They don't rot, don't need painting and won't be damaged by insects or the weather. One of the best sites and biggest selection of these specialized window planter boxes is Flowerwindowboxes.com and their prices are no higher than those of the real wood. Each of the sites mentioned in this section also carries window box brackets which is great for those that already have the boxes or plan to build their own.

Railing Planter Boxes

Placing planter boxes on your deck rails is a great way to green up your deck without the worry of knocking flower pots off the rail. A few web sites that carry these items are Cedarwoodfurniture.com and Mainebucket.com. Cedarwoodfurniture.com has two different styles the 16" Etched Cedar Wood Rail Planter with eight different color options that ranges in price from about $40.00 and up and the Deck Rail Planter slotted that comes in three sizes 18", 24" and 30". They range in price from about $60.00 and up and come in natural or oiled finish. Each box is clear grain premium western red cedar fits four and six inch railings with adjustable spacer included and includes a plastic soil container. They all come preassembled with the necessary anchoring hardware. Mainebucket.com has two different styles as well. A rounded cedar deck rail / patio planter that comes in two sizes 14" or 18"L x 7"H x 11.5"D and a 24" contemporary deck rail planter painted white all of which fit four and six inch rails. For prices you must call their 800 number found on their web site.

Panacea Products Flat Iron Series 30-inch (30") Window/Deck Planter, Black
Amazon Price: $27.99 $17.45 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 21, 2016)

Large Raised Planter Boxes

Raised Garden Center - Cedar

One last type of wooden planter box is the raised type. These planters are great for gardeners and have many advantages over other types of gardening for example if you live in an apartment or have a small yard these boxes allow you to grow your garden right on your porch. They are also great for handicapped and the elderly that can't bend over or have to work from seated position. Amazon carries a good selection of these planter boxes made from western red cedar. They range of prices depending on the size which include 18"x24", 18"x36", 24"x24", 24"x36" and 36"x36" and are 36" high.

Cedar Creek 2424 Raised Garden Planter 24 x 36 x 24
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Dec 21, 2016)

As you can see the options are limitless and you are only bound by your imagination. If after reading this you still can't find the best wooden planter boxes for your home then you might consider making your own or having them made. Construction can be as easy or has hard has you make it. Good luck and happy growing.