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With the release of Formidable Forms 1.05, the information technology world finally has the key tool that has been missing from Internet programming for over 15 years. Since the dawn of HTML, there has been a void in the Internet. Programming a database interface for browsers has been extremely difficult, time consuming, or both. Formidable Pro changes that dramatically. Now Internet database programming is flexible, fast and fun.

Consider the situation when Internet browsers first arrived in about 1993. HTML, (Hyper Text Markup Language), allowed for the easy display of text on screens running browsers. Static text was easy to display. Special tags allowed designers to set up input fields for users. When data was entered into the browser, a program could perform steps to store it in a file. A database connection program was needed to move data to and from a database. Prior to this, a suitable table structure would need to be designed and implemented to match the data. The program had to validate data as required before it could be stored in the database.

When a web page needed to display data from a database table, a complex process was also required. The database would be opened. A query was prepared to find the required data. A transfer of data items to variables was needed. HTML codes were needed to indicate to the browser how the data was to be rendered. User input would then be accepted by the browser. To save the data back to the database, another series of steps was necessary.

With this form builder, most of the cumbersome steps previously required for Internet programming have been eliminated. Starting with database table definition, the entire process has been streamlined, saving countless hours of difficult work. The remaining work is much easier and far less prone to error.

Take, for example, the database table definition process. This step is bypassed. Instead, the designer describes how the Internet form is to look on a web browser screen. The text, input fields and other HTML elements are placed as needed. The required supporting database tables are automatically defined by this system. No SQL, PHP or PHP Admin work is required. When the form is activated, the form tool automatically handles the movement of data to and from the database. Field validation is also included automatically. The amount of labor savings with this tool is phenomenal.

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Since the Internet started to become popular back in the early 1990's, programmers have spent countless hours defining database tables, writing code to transfer data to and from these tables and performing extensive error checks to ensure that field data provided by users was correct. With this tool, these steps are now automated. Designers now define the layout of the required fields. Usability is now the key concern of the programmer. Program logic is defined at higher levels rather than at the database field level.

If ease of database programming was all you received, the tool would be a huge benefit to database programmers. Amazingly, you also get HTML web page construction via templates, extensive database reporting and automatic data categorizations of user input. Each of these features further improve the productivity of web programmers. This utility is the best advance to come to Wordpress systems, if not to the entire Internet.

Formidable is installed as a plugin to the Wordpress content management system. Once activated, it adds several options to the Wordpress dashboard. Forms are added easily with a few clicks by the designer. Theses can be used instantly as standalone pages or bound into existing pages with surprisingly little effort - and no programming. These facts make it perhaps the best Wordpress plugin available today.

The productivity boost made possible is simply amazing. What previously took many hours for an experienced Internet programmer now takes minutes. A free version of the tool can be used for many purposes by Wordpress administrators, saving them time. Considering that Internet programming time is valued at $30 per hour and up, the premium tool represents real value seldom seen in modern technology work. The low cost of the enhanced license is easily recouped with the development of just one custom HTML form. As a substantial bonus to registered customers, all future enhancements to the utility are made available free of charge.

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This form designer is available as a free version which offers Wordpress administrators instant control of basic forms. Tasks such as contact form building, with spam verification using Captcha, are easily implemented with the free version. Most Wordpress admins will want to purchase the more premium level. This version activates form validation, data reporting and additional form field types such as rich text, file upload and images.

Those Wordpress administrators who manage multiple sites may want to consider purchasing a site license. This option offers the ability to install the builder on any number of Wordpress sites and includes priority support for any questions or concerns.

This is perhaps the most important advance to be released for the content management platform, if not to the world of Internet programming. The amount of labor saved, and productivity gained, is extremely significant. Few other technologies have improved the information technology world quite as much as this tool. It is quite simply an amazing product that should be installed on virtually all Wordpress sites.

If you have ever tried programming HTML forms on web pages, you know how much work is required. The steps are simple but time consuming. With so many lines of HTML code required, there are many chances to introduce errors. To get additional features lacking in HTML, additional programming in SQL, PHP and Javascript are required. Wordpress makes some of this easier, but nowhere as easy as with this plugin. After a few short steps, web designers become programmers. If you have never attempted web page form design due to the complexity, this is your tool as well. Start with the basics and see just how easy it is to build useful web forms. No HTML creation. No PHP. No SQL. No Javascript. Quickly you will see that this form builder is the best plugin available today.

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