Using Self Hosted Wordpress

Simple to install

Technology in web hosting field has increased predominantly in recent years. Web hosting providers today are providing some of the best blogging software for free when bloggers or small business host their website online with them.

Now bloggers or small businesses online don't really need to hire a professional web designer for their business. All the top web hosting companies provide some of the latest softwares along with their hosting. Likely if you want to start a self hosted wordpress, now it comes with a one click installation.

Simple Steps to Start your self hosted wordpress blog

  • Identify the best web hosting provider who can provide you all the latest web hosting services
  • Some web hosting providers give softaculous which helps you to install self hosted wordpress with one click. You need to just give the name of the blog, URL path and everything will be installed with in minutes.
  • Once installed, you are ready to get started in blogging with self hosted wordpress.
  • Once you are done with your installation, next step is to pick up a professional wordpress theme that suits your business.
  • Once you have selected the best wordpress theme for your business, next step is to add quality content and spice up your blog. In support to your content, you need to have some top Wordpress plugins to bring your blog or website into top pages of search engines.

Identifying Wordpress Plugins

Necessary Wordpress Plugins

If you search wordpress plugins database, there are millions of wordpress plugins that are available in wordpress plugin database. All of them have something or other use. So selecting the optimized plugin among them is very difficult until you have expertise in identifying the best wordpress plugin from them.

Basically in broader view, given below are the major categories for your wordpress plugins database.

  • SEO Wordpress plugins
  • Content Security Wordpress Plugins
  • Advertisement Wordpress Plugins
  • Content Sharing Wordpress Plugins
  • Deep Linking or InterLinking Wordpress Plugins
  • Social Media Wordpress Plugins
  • Bandwidth Saving Wordpress Plugins

Given below is the brief description of each category and what are the best Wordpress Plugins for each category based on reviews and feedbacks from professional bloggers.


Best Blogging Platform in Web

SEO Wordpress Plugins

Must for any Wordpress Blog

Search Engine Optimization is very much necessary for any website or blog. Majority of people online use search engines to get the information that they need.

Getting your website or business into top pages of search engines brings more visibility for your business or blog online. Inorder to reach to top pages of search engines, it is very much necessary to have high quality content and also quality back links for your blog. One of the most important thing for self hosted wordpress users is to have good SEO plugins for their blog.

Given below are the two top SEO Wordpress plugins that are used mostly by bloggers online.

  • All in One SEO wordpress plugin
  • Platinum SEO wordpress plugin

These two plugins help you to add meta tags, add priority to your pages, add keywords that best describe your blog, help you to change your individual post titles etc.

Content Security Wordpress Plugins

Important Wordpress Plugins

Content Protection is very important for wordpress users. If your content is copied and used in other sites, you will lose your search engine rankings and all the effort you have put would go waste.

Once your website start getting popularity, your website have high risk from spammers which makes you irritating as you get more unusual comments every day. Security Wordpress Plugins come into rescue at this point of time.

Akismet Wordpress Plugin

Akismet is one of the top Security wordpress plugin that helps you to protect your self hosted wordpress blog from spamming. This plugin needs an API key which is available through their website for free. Once you install their plugin and start using this plugin, this plugin protects your website from potential spammers.

Wp-Copy Protect Wordpress Plugin

Wp-Copy Protect helps spammers and content stealers from stealing the content from your wordpress blog. This plugin disables the right click in your website or blog thus protecting your content from being copied. If your readers want to  share, they are Content Sharing Wordpress plugins which can help to share content with their friends. Read on..

Content Sharing Wordpress Plugins

Share your blogs to outer world

Content Sharing Wordpress Plugins helps your blog or websites to be shared easily with outer world. These plugins help to share the content by adding a button at the bottom or at the top of your blog posts.

When readers of your blog or your friends like content in your website or blog, these plugins help to share content in top social media sites like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and hundreds of social media communities that are in web. Given below are the top Content Sharing Wordpress Plugins

  • Add to Any
  • Sexy Book Marks
  • Digg Digg

Add to Any Plugin

This plugin is one of the powerful and mostly used plugin in all the major blogger sites. As this plugin has the flexibility of adding to end of posts, enabling or disabling on home page, option to enable in feeds, option to send post by mail etc.

Sexy BookMarks Plugin

This plugin is another famously used Plugin. This is used generally at the bottom of the post or at the top of the post. This plugin allows you to add only the social media communities which you like.

Digg Digg Plugin

This plugin is one of the most powerful plugin which shares the number of votes your post has received from top social media communities. Mostly used by professional  bloggers who have good number of followers for their website or blog


Advertisement Wordpress Plugins

Most Useful Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

Advertisment Wordpress Plugins are the most advantageous and revenue generating plugins for self hosted wordpress users. These plugins help to generate revenue for bloggers by adding Ads from top blog advertising networks such as Adsense, Adbrite, bidvertiser, chitika etc.

Given below are the top Advertisment Plugins

  • Advertising Manger Plugin
  • Advertisement Management
  • Infolinks Plugin

Advertising Manger Plugin

This Wordpress plugin helps to add ad code from all major advertising sites in wordpress blog posts. You can also integrate your ad code in the side bars of your post.

Advertisement Mangement

This plugin allows you to configure your wordpress plugins in post, at bottom of post, after comments, at beginnning of post and pages, at top of your post, at bottom of page etc.

This is one powerful plugin used by major professional bloggers

Infolinks Wordpress Plugin

This plugin helps to add Infolinks ads in every post and also disable in every post. Used for Text Link ads.

Overall these are the most used Wordpress Plugins.