money from the internet

According to the Wall Street Journal there are 35 million Americans working from their home. I believe the mindset is all wrong about the job market. Sure, some of the best jobs are scarce but there are work at home jobs out there that may have much more potential. Sometimes you have to look for creative sources for employment. Some of what you may think of the less desirable jobs may turn out to be a godsend. I'm not talking about internet scam jobs but real jobs with companies that are solid, and legitimately making money. Why not work for yourself and have the security of knowing you can never get laid off.

 Green jobs

Don't rule out companies like Melaleuca. Most of these types of companies have changed the way they are doing business and how they run the business. With the way technology has improved, almost everyone has internet access. Some of these companies will handle the money exchange as well as invoice process so that the only thing you do is find the prospect. That makes the process so much easier. The training process is as easy as a webinar on the internet. This company has a very minimal startup fee. With all the hype about going green, Melaleuca is a great choice as one of the best work at home jobs as they sell green products.

 Health or wellness companies

There are lots of health and wellness companies that have a potential to a make a good income. This is the best time to sell health products which is a huge concern nowadays. People are more interested than ever in staying healthy so this industry is another great option. There are even some doctors recommending vitamin supplements to their patients these days. Good news is that you don’t need a degree to start a business doing this. Most of these health companies have lots of training to help you.

Mystery Shopper

There are some really legitimate mystery shopper jobs and this can be done part-time or full-time. You will need a vehicle for this one to do well. Even if you don't have a car, there are a number of jobs that only require a phone call or visiting a website. You can pick and choose the jobs you want in most cases. On some of the bigger ones, you may have to bid your fee for them.  There is no cost to start this type of business but the price of gas is a concern.

Internet Freelance Writing

Writing content articles for infoBarrel among other sites, can bring in a good part-time income. It takes time, though to build up your library of articles. If you don’t have a job at the moment, though, that should not be a problem.