Exercise While Traveling

When you are on the road you can still find ways to stay in shape. The best workouts for exercise while traveling don't require you to bring equipment along and are rather easy to find wherever you are.

It is important to get your workout in, even when you are traveling, especially if you are going to be gone for more than a few days. You don't want all the hard work you have done to get or stay in shape to be wasted because you took along break from exercise.

There are several quite simple options for exercising while traveling. You just have to have a little initiative and know where to look.

Hotel Options

Many people who are on a road trip or in traveling mode end up in a hotel which is great, because most hotels provide at least some for of exercise option without even leaving the building.  Here are a few ideas of ways to get in a workout right in the hotel.

Use the hotel fitness center. If the hotel has a fitness center, chances are it is not heavily used. Many hotels have anywhere from a few machines to a full gym, but they receive relatively low traffic, so you can get in a great workout without a lot of competition for a machine. Unless you are a body builder, 30 minutes or more on a cardiovascular machine like a treadmill or elliptical will do nicely to keep your shape while on the road.

Best Workout Options at a HotelSwim in the pool. Hotel pools give the best total body workout you can get in a hotel without weights. If your hotel has a pool that is a suitable length, and almost all of them are, swim laps in the pool to get in your workout. The great thing about swimming is that it may not even feel like a workout! The only real issue here is when a pack of kids arrives, but most guests are respectful enough of a swimmer to let you have a swimming lane in the pool. If not, check back early or late in the day, where you may find the pool empty and waiting for you. You might even find that the hotel offers a salt water pool vs. a chlorinated pool, which can help to make you more comfortable while swimming.

Do bodyweight exercises in your room. The third great option in a hotel is to do body weight exercises right in your room. There are so many to choose from, but classics such as push ups, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts are all great options. You don't need too much space, and you can work out in the privacy of your own room. With body weight exercises you can get a good mix of weight training and cardiovascular exercises for a well-rounded workout.

Non-Hotel Options

If you are not staying in a hotel, or if you are but want to get out, here are some workout options away from the hotel.

Visit a gym. There are gyms in almost every town or city, and if you ask they will very likely offer you a visitor pass to workout for a day or week for a small fee. Don't discount this option. You may be surprised that for a few dollars you get to stay as long as you like and have the world of equipment options at your disposal. Visiting a local gym is a great option for those with specific workout equipment needs. Another thing to remember is that if you belong to a chain of gyms there might be a local option that you can visit free of charge.

Workout On The Go At The TrackWalk the track. Many locals will head out to the local high school to walk, jog, or run the track. In many towns these are open to the public and you need only drive there and hit the track for an excellent workout. Whether your pace is slow or fast, a track is a terrific option because you don't have to worry about traffic or getting lost on streets that you are unfamiliar with.

Go mall walking. If you are a walker or it is a freezing cold winter day, consider mall walking. This is a popular morning activity for people all over but it can serve you while you are on the road. Just head out to the big mall nearby, dress in comfortable clothing, and walk at a brisk pace for as long as you want to workout. Aim for 30 minutes or more. Don't stop to shop. Instead keep your pace and make this a workout. Don't worry, you will circle the mall a few times so you will know just what store to head to once your workout is done. Consider it pre-shopping if you like.

Other Traveling Workout Ideas

Walk the airport. If you are an air traveler you will find yourself with a layover at an airport with nothing to do. Assuming you are not wearing a suit and don't have to go straight to a meeting when you land, walking the airport is a fantastic idea to burn some extra calories. This is dead time that you can put to good use. Just get moving. Most airports will have plenty of corridors to walk through to keep your interest and stretch your legs.

Walking Stairs For a Travel WorkoutWalk steps. Whether you are at a hotel or have access to any type of stairway in a park, a local stadium, or in any other place, walking steps is a serious workout. You can walk or run the steps or do intervals for a huge cardio burn. On top of that, you will be giving your leg and calf muscles one of the best workouts you can find, and walking steps is a lot more fun than calf raises.

Do yoga. Yoga works muscles you didn't even know you had, and you can do yoga in your hotel room, outdoors in a park, or find a local gym that offers a class. Get your favorite yoga DVD or add one to your DVD collection and bring it along when you travel so that you can pop it into your computer to play any time. In addition to workout you out, yoga will relax your mind, help you to sleep better, and reduce stress. It is a great travel workout option.

Know Your Options

Now you have a few ideas that are among the best workouts for exercise while traveling. You officially have no excuse for missing a workout while you are on the road.