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Who doesn't want a lean body? The problem is to get a lean body you have to do workouts for a lean body. Depending on what kind of shape you're in at the time will determine how you start. If you're in pretty good shape and just need more toning then you can do more intense exercises from the get go. However, if you haven't worked out in years then it's wise to start out easy and work your way up. Whatever the case may be the ultimate goal is to increase intensity in workouts and that is how you get a lean body. It is the intensity of a workout that burns more calories and fat.

Increased intensity is a must as is muscle confusion, which simply means to challenge the body with exercise routines that it isn't used to. Once the body adjusts to a certain routine it isn't challenged anymore and this can make the workout routine ineffective. This is exactly why the P90X workout is so effective, the body doesn't have a chance to adapt, but is challenged each day with a new exercise routine.

Superset Workouts for a Lean Body

Superset training is considered to be an advanced form of weight training. However, beginners can modify the exercises and still superset effectively. The way to do this is to use less weight, reps and sets. For those who are not familiar with superset techniques it simply means two sets back to back no rest. Usually there is rest between sets when weight training, not so with supersets. You can also do tri-sets, which is three sets back to back no rest and finally giant sets, which is four sets or more no rest.

Doing superset workouts for a lean body will increase strength and endurance. There are two primary types of supersets and they are same muscle group supersets and opposing muscle supersets. An example of same muscle supersets is two sets of bicep curls, one done with cables and the other with dumbbells. In order to do them back to back you take dumbbells over to the cable machine, so that once you finish bicep cable curls you can access dumbbells quickly for the second set of curls.

An example of an opposing muscle group superset could be chest and back. To ensure that you can quickly jump from one set to the next you need dumbbells sitting next to the bench press, then soon as you finish the set grab the dumbbells for a set of bent over rows. You can do supersets going from machine to machine, however, many times there is a wait for machines. When you superset you can't wait this is why its better to use a combination of machines, dumbbells, cables and barbells when super setting. You have to learn how to improvise with each exercise and keep going.

Circuit training is a form of super setting with machines and it works because each person has only so much time on a machine then they have to move on to the next one. This way you keep moving and not resting, which is how you increase intensity and burn more calories and fat. When you do supersets on a consistent basis whether it's circuit training or a combination of other resistance training you will start to see more lean muscle faster than if you just do cardio, which is great for the heart, but doesn't shape the muscles in the body like weight training is designed to do.

Interval Training Workouts for a Lean Body

Interval training workouts is another way to get a lean body fast. Like super setting it is a high intensity form of exercise where you challenge the body to go the extra mile. When people think of interval training they envision runners on a treadmill or cyclists on a bicycle. However, you can implement interval training into most any form of exercise you choose. Granted, you might need to get creative, but that's what it's all about when it comes to high intensity workouts. The more you change it up and are creative the more you challenge the body to do what it's not used to doing.

Interval training will build endurance and increase intensity on a level that most anyone can manage. Interval training involves high intensity exercise alternating with recovery periods. An example of this would be 1-2 minutes of high intensity, such as a sprint, alternated with low intensity exercise like walking for 2-4 minutes. You alternate back and forth for the entire workout (20-30 minutes).

The goal should be to increase the high intensity time of the exercises and decrease low intensity time. It takes hard work to boost interval training levels. Remember, you can integrate interval training in whatever form of exercise you do. Swimmers use interval training techniques to get ready for competition as do many other athletes across the board.

A combination of interval training and superset workouts for a lean body will get you in the best shape of your life. When you combine these two high intensity forms of training with sensible eating habits you can't help but get a lean body. Keep in mind that bad eating habits will destroy all your hard work. This is why you see people at the gym working out year after year looking the same. They can't be watching what they eat or they would get leaner instead of fatter.

The good news is that once you reach a high level of fitness it isn't as hard to maintain as it is to get. It took me three months of superset workouts every day to get to a high level of fitness, but now I only go to the gym two days a week to maintain it. I use superset, tri-set and giant set techniques as well as interval training for cardio. My body is leaner than it has ever been which is proof that when you do high intensity workouts for a lean body and watch what you eat it really does work.

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