World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 is upon us and if you're like me, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of games you can choose to watch -- there are 64 matches in total and every single one of them can be seen either on TV or online.

So how do you seperate the wheat from the chaff? Here's a list of the best World Cup games to watch:

South Africa v. Mexico
Date: June 11th
Time: 10:00AM EST
Where To Watch: Watch the entire recorded game for free on
Why You Should Watch: It's the first game of the World Cup -- it's worth watching just because of that. Having seen it, I can attest that it's actually quite a good match, but more than that it's a very intense match. You can almost feel the energy of the crowd and you can definitely hear it (through the constant hum of the vuvuzelas). The opening ceremonies, which are worth taking a look at, can also been seen through the link provided above

Argentina v. Nigeria

Date: June 12th
Time: 10:00AM EST
Where To Watch: ESPN on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: Argentina has one of the best teams in terms of raw talent in the Cup this year and players like Lionel Messi make them a contender. Unfortunately, they're also coached by Diego Maradona who has gone from a talented, barely-in-shape player to a pudgy liability for the Argentinian squad. Nigeria is one of Africa's strongest teams and has been for decades -- they also have home-continent advantage, whichhistory shows seems to exist in spite of sounding ridiculous.

England v. USA

Date: June 12th
Time: 2:30PM EST
Where To Watch: ABC on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: I'll be watching this game because England's my team, but this is shaping up to be a good game regardless of who you're cheering for. England is the obvious favourite but they haven't been firing on all cylinders lately and the loss of Rio Ferdinand is a big blow to their chances. The U.S. has been playing well in prep matches and everyone remembers their stunning upset of England in 1950. Also, let's face it -- this game is the only reason tens of millions of people in the U.S. will be tuning in to the World Cup at all.

Brazil v. North Korea

Date: June 15th
Time: 2:30PM EST
Where To Watch: ESPN on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: For no other reason than I think it will be fun to see one of the best teams in the Cup take on the worst, easiest-to-hate team around. I look forward to seeing Brazil mercilessly crush North Korea.

Netherlands v. Denmark

Date: June 14th
Time: 7:30AM
Where To Watch: ESPN on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: This will be an interesting game because it features two interesting teams. Denmark had a very challenging group, including Portugal, which it had to handle to even get to the World Cup. They have strong defence and goaltending with a weaker midfield -- but they do have experience, which shouldn't be discounted. Netherlands is a team that is playing very well at the moment, but has a tendency to dissapoint in the Cup. Contrasting the Danes, the Dutch have an excellent midfield which could dominate the match. I think the advantage is with the Dutch, but this could be an upset.

Ghana v. Germany

Date: June 23rd.
Time: 2:30PM
Where To Watch: ESPN2 on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: This one's actually a match between two unlikely rivals. First, Kevin-Prince Boateng injured German captain Michael Ballack last month knocking him out of the World Cup. Second, Boateng was actually born and raised in Germany. Third, his younger brother (Jerome) plays for the German team. So it's brother-against-brother, countryman-against-countryman, and guy-who-knocked-out-Ballack against angry-Germans. I say this match has the ingredients of something worth watching.

Portugal v. Brazil

Date: June 25th.
Time: 10:00AM
Where To Watch: ESPN on TV, online
Why You Should Watch: Two reasons for watching this game. One: these are two of the best teams in the tournament just in terms of raw talent. It'll be a spectacle of ability for sure. Two: Brazil is a former Portuguese colony and former-colony versus former-colonizer matches are always fun to watch. This is the Latin American equivalent of the U.S. v. England match except with stronger teams.