If you're a professional wrestling fan, one of the greatest experiences you can have is attending a live WWE event. These events are full of all sorts of exciting entertainment including great wrestling matches, skits, gorgeous diva wrestlers, funny routines and cool highlight moments. The WWE staff really knows how to put on a great show complete with pyrotechnics displays and cool special effects. Most wrestlers have unique entrances that really compliment their arrival to the ring and get the crowd hyped for their wrestling performances.

One of the most unique and chilling entrances in WWE today is from The Undertaker. In years past, he had a biker gimmick where he rode an actual motorcycle to the ring and wore a bandana with jeans and cut off jean jacket. He thankfully ditched that gimmick in lieu of his previous persona, Old School Undertaker. The Undertaker enters the dark, eery arena with chilling theme music, complete with smoke machines, lightning and bell tolls. When the arena goes dark and you hear those bells followed by ominous music, you'll get goose bumps because you know it means the arrival of the Undertaker.

Another one of the top entrances in WWE comes from Triple H aka "The Game". When HHH enters the arena, it grows dark and starts his theme music of "time to play the game", a hard rocking track that really gets you hyped for his matches. He stands at the top of the ramp in a pale spotlight with steam rising up around him. His trademark includes him taking a few gulps of water from a bottled water and spewing it out in mist form as he gets up on the ring apron. This is followed by Triple H doing poses from the ring corners while the crowd goes wild.

Another great entrance is the arrival of wrestler Batista to the arena and ring. Batista is also known as "The Animal" and his theme music is as intense as his in ring performances. As he arrives to the hard rock theme song "I Walk Alone" by , Batista crouches down at the top of the ramp for a rapid fire machine gun style pyro show. After the pyro has gone off, he makes his way to the ring and poses for fans to cheer. It's truly quite an experience, and if you get the chance to sit near the ramp during Batista's entrance, you'll know just what I mean!

If you're ever at a live WWE event like Raw, Smackdown or a Pay-Per-View, you'll know just what I mean. The pyrotechnics, lighting combined with the unique WWE music and theme songs will really make for an exciting time. Of course seeing the wrestlers and hot WWE Divas in action isn't so bad either!