"I'm not a yuppie traveler." I've heard it before. The first part to successful travel is to first admit that you are indeed a yuppie traveler. If you answer yes to any of the following, you either are (or soon will be) a yuppie traveler: Does your budget include massage and oil treatments? Does your travel allowance take into account a healthy desire to buy and ship items (carpets, leather goods, wooden tables or doors) to your home? Does your travel billfold include American Express or Diner's Club cards?

Yes, it can be hard at first-the first step to any detox is admitting that you've been lying to that one person you can never avoid all along-yourself. Now, you uppity, pre-ordered 2010 SUV driving suburbia-ite-you should know what the best gadgets for traveling include these days. Of course, the only gadgets people will even glance at are wireless, all-in-one power toys-so here's some to keep you Y-uppity.

HD Video: Everyone brings a camera along. A novel idea is the new HD video camera. Kodak recently came out with the ZX1 that gives you one hour of HD video and tons of pictures. It's only has 8 gig, so you won't be able to fit much on it. The camera doesn't take superb pictures but if you want to get Betty drunk on Chardonnay, then it's best recorded in HD, that's for sure! Additionally, there's an USB connector that makes uploading your videos a cinch.

Waterproof Camera: The Z33WP is a great little gadget that will have you taking both underwater movies and still shots. Finally get the barracuda that went for Aunt Louise on tape! This waterproof camera is only recommended for ten feet of underwater action, so you can't take it diving. You'll have to have this gadget to fit in while in the Caribbean or any other beach holiday, as to "keep up with the Joneses" will require it-blame Yuppie-ism bylaws and buy one.

Netbook: Of course yuppies have to have their laptops with them at all times. Without access to the Internet, you may miss "the news". If you want to take the net with you, it's best to get a throw-around netbook laptop. These are habitually 10-inches and come with all the things you'll need to surf the web and upload photos. The HP Mini 1000, for instance, is great as Linux is the operating system-no bugs, no viruses and no crashing! You won't risk losing all those memorable photos if you can't get them online for a few days. The smaller keyboard is best for petite hands; your wife Bertha can manage, however.

Digital Translator: Why pay a guide to bargain for you when you shop? Now, you can voice your bottom line with the Lingo Xplorer. It not only shows the text of the language but can also speak it for you. Screw going to those night language classes, eh? Now you can save money and face by letting the machine do the talking-Yes, the world has come to this!

Digital Books: Gone are the days when you must carry those must-read beach books with you. Now, the Amazon Kindle lets all your favorite books be e-books. That's right, ladies and gents, get thousands of pages of your favorite books digitized in this easy reading e-notebook. The pages are dull and the print is exactly like a book-no annoying glaring backlight like on your laptop. The only drawback is once the climax comes (odd words to go together don't you think?) you could run out of battery power. "And she said to him after twenty-seven long years, 'I have always...'" . Yeah, that would royally suck. "It's better than carrying 20-lbs. of books," I still say.

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