5.11 Multicam RUSH 72 Backpack

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If you are looking for the right tactical pack for hunting, camping or facing the zombie apocalypse, this is the pack for you. Manufactured by 5.11 Tactical, a company known for churning out some seriously high-grade products.

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I was very pleased with the sense of quality when first picking up this pack. It definitely felt like something that could survive whatever life threw its way. This pack features a HUGE storage capacity that will stow several days worth of gear. Some of my personal favorite feature include the large shove pack for quick access to items such as outerwear, extensive web platforming to attach extra MOLLE accessories, and the Multicam pattern available. The Multicam pattern is recently adopted by the Army to decrease visibility in a variety of settings both rural and urban. The pack also includes a built-in hydration pocket for Camelbak bladders.

In the event of an emergency, a sturdy pack is a life-saving tool. During Hurricane Katrina and the mass exodus from New Orleans, many people were left stranded on crowded highways with broken down vehicles where they were forced to continue hiking to reach safety. A reliable bug-out bag can really be a game changer in these types of situations. You need a pack that can store plenty of gear, protect it from the elements, and survive any challenges you will meet.

Credit: www.511tactical.com

The RUSH 72 backpack features comfortable shoulder straps, sternum lock and built-in waist strap to help stabilize your load out. This pack sits comfortably and securely on you back even when you have to move out on the double. Comfort is king when you are on a forced march whether hunting or seeking safety, and the RUSH 72 answers the call.


5.11 Rush 72 Tactical Backpack Multicam
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If you are looking for a tactical pack with durability, weather resistance, and ability to adapt to any situation this is the pack for you. Be ready for anything, and get a quality back pack for your bug-out bag or hunting backpack today.