The Zumba total transformation DVD set is the best zumba dvd set if you are a

By now, I am assuming that you have heard about Zumba and how it is becoming
one of the most popular dance workouts in the world because of its intense
cardio routines that can be used by both beginners as well as those
experienced in other dance exercise routines.

Zumba DVD for beginners

Zumba Dance Exercise For Beginners

The Zumba Dance exercise is one of the few dance exercise routines in the world where beginners can just jump right in without having to learn elaborate steps beforehand. That is the reason it is highly praised among casual exercisers as well as those that have a strict exercise regiment.

What Is The Best Zumba DVDs For Beginners?

As of writing this article, there are literally hundreds of non-official Zumba exercise DVD for beginners in the internet as well as hundreds of videos aimed for beginners. But for Zumba beginners, this can be overwhelming as hundreds of Zumba instructors on these videos creates their own routines as well as adding their very own steps on these routines. This means that for every Zumba workout for beginners video you see in the web, you will need to learn a certain step that you can only use in that video and not with the others videos you would see. This can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners as well as not the right way to use this dance workout routine.

I am not saying that you should not watch these videos, but by using these non-official videos, you are not experienced the true Zumba exercise as well as not maximizing the benefit of this dance routine. You can only benefit from watching this videos if you have already used all the Official DVDs and wants to see new routines.

Which is why if you are really determined to try the Zumba fitness routine, then the best Zumba exercise DVD for beginners is the Zumba total transformation DVD which is the officially released DVD set by Alberto Perez, the one that invented this dance routine.

Zumba Total Body Transformation Review

Inside the Zumba total transformation dvd set, there is a pair of toning sticks specially designed to be used in this dance routines. The toning sticks, which are shaped like a Maraca is used to add more weight (about 1 pound) in your hands in which will add and tone your muscles. There are also 4 DVD disc that includes the Basic Workout DVD, 20 Minute Express Workout, Sculpt and tone workout, cardio party workout, Live! workout and the flat abs workout. There is also a Total Transformation guide that will help you use the DVD set.

If you are a beginner in Zumba, then the basic workout DVD is the first DVD you should use as it is the official Zumba fitness DVD for beginners that includes the basic steps so people with no prior experience with dance exercises can enjoy the routine. It is also the DVD that have the slowest rhythms and beat so you can get used on how to do the steps needed for you to enjoy this dance routine DVD set.

The DVD Zumba for beginners is in Amazon with a price of $149.00 and a rating between 4.5 to 5.0 stars.

For Those Who Wants A More Challenging Routine

While the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation DVD set is more aimed for beginners, there is another DVD set that is aimed for more advanced users as well as those that who wants a more challenging routine or have a little bit of experience in other dance routines. That DVD set is called the Zumba Exhilirate DVD set.