Having car insurance is an absolute necessity.  In every state, there is a law governing the terms by which one can operate a vehicle and having car insurance is one necessity that no one can get around.  Having car insurance ensures that if you should get into an accident that you would be covered for bodily injury to other, property damage, car rental costs and more depending on the type of insurance you get.  Arizona is no different from any other state. Car insurance is required in Arizona and some companies offer better deals than others.


Travelers Insurance Company offers insurance for automobile as well as for home and business.  Travelers Insurance Company is a naturally recognized brand that has the umbrella as its logo meaning that you have protection when unexpected things happen in your life. The company is available 24 hours a day for claim settlement, which sets them apart from most car insurance companies in Arizona or anywhere else.  Other benefits of having Travelers Insurance include liability and claim settlement of bodily injury or injury caused by an uninsured driver, medical settlement, comprehensive coverage in case of fire and theft and so on.  The benefits that Travelers Insurance Company of Arizona offers is unmatched by their competitors.


You can use Esurance.com to find the best auto insurance company in Arizona that fits your criterion.  Esurance is a very trust source in all states, and again, Arizona is no different.  Whatever type of insurance coverage, whatever price range you are looking for, you can find it at Esurance.com.  In fact, it should probably be the first place you visit if you do not already have a particular Arizona car insurance company in mind.



Another very trusted source for Arizona car insurance is Nationwide. As the commercial says “Nationwide is on your side.” This means that it caters to its customer base, providing every service imaginable for car insurance buyers.   With the innovative approach like getting $ 100 off for safe drivers who have no accident for the entire, the company has solidified its customer base.


Liberty Mutual Insurance

One of the best features of Liberty Mutual insurance is the instant quote feature.  Another great feature is the hassle free application process.  The main features include the liability coverage, even for uninsured or underinsured motorists, and comprehensive solution for various situations. Liberty Mutual auto insurance also offers new car replacement for older, worn vehicles, payment waivers in some cases, and up to 10 percent discount to students and some qualified organizations.


The Progressive Insurance Company

Progressive is also another great auto insurance company in Arizona that you should look into before making that final decision.  With Progressive, you could get a savings of up to $475 for any kind of auto insurance coverage package.  Other features of Progressive auto insurance company include 24 x 7 customer support, free quotes, and discounts for good drivers of up to 30 percent.  This good driver discount is enough to play a major role in Progress customer retention.  What matters most to customers is reliability and great customer relations and Progressive auto insurance in Arizona provides that.  Though they offer so many ‘me too’ features, some of the salient points are praiseworthy.


Geico Insurance Company

Geico covers almost everything. It is available in all states including Arizona and caters to millions of customers. Geico ask for only 15 minutes to get the best insurance coverage quote for your situation.  There is a great array of choices in terms of coverage so whatever situation you have, most likely Geico will have a solution or the appropriate coverage for it.  Some great features of Geico insurance company include the following: You can make the online payment, bundling packages for more than once car within a family and very reasonable prices. Geico is a nationally recognized brand, however, it is also a great choice for Arizona residents who need car insurance.


Allianz Auto Insurance

Under the banner of “fireman’s Auto Insurance,” Allianz Insurance, the insurance giant does auto insurance in Arizona, their way. Here the environmental friendly approach has taken off.  This idea and practice of environmental friendly automobiles is especially popular in places like Arizona. More and more Americans are opting for hybrid cars so it is safe to say, having a company that can provide them decent car insurance is essential. Allianz Auto Insurance Company fills that void.  Allianz auto insurance company also has great pet accidental death coverage for up to $5000.  


AIG Direct

AIG or American International Group is one of the leaders in insurance coverage providers around the world. They have different laurels in different insurance segments and in different countries as well. Though they never push their auto insurance in an aggressive manner, under the canopy of AIG Direct, they offer the bouquet of car insurance policies with not so impressive or innovative features yet the assurance is there from the mighty AIG Group and its omnipresence. It is worth trying.