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Almost everyone has a vehicle in their own home and would surely want to know which is the Best automatic vehicle battery charger there is in the market today.  We often encounter car trouble and we would certainly want the battery charger which can easily solve our worries and not just conk out and add to our problems.  This comes as a big inconvenience and problem, but with the right choices we make after being informed on what are the best automotive charges in the market, car worries will slowly become a thing of the past.

The search for the best automatic vehicle battery charger seems to be endless and nowhere in sight. Well, there is no such thing as having the perfect charger, but getting to know which are the ones which can do the work efficiently in record time would surely be on the top of everyone’s list.  A lot of people will be interested (especially the vehicle owners) because car problems are issues which cannot be avoided.  Naturally, any amount of advice is most welcome especially if it will help ease those vehicular dilemmas.  Here are some of the best vehicle battery chargers there are in the market, based on customer review satisfaction ratings.

The Deltran Supersmart Battery Tender

Among all the chargers in the market, this is the best there is as it has consistently earned rave reviews.   Here is a charger which literally can work intelligently on its own as it can automatically switch from full charge mode to float charging so that it can help the vehicle achieve optimum performance.  More importantly, car owners can find comfort in the fact that with its reverse polarity feature, they are amply protected.  It also comes with an astounding ten-year warranty!

The Deltran Battery Tender

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As compared to Deltran Supersmart battery tender, this one is much affordable, but still manages to give our vehicles superb performance.  This time around, it comes with a three year warranty and has a built-in regulated voltage to prevent it from overcharging.  It also has some user safety features and is designed to be waterproof so owners need not worry of it shorting out.
The Schumacher SC-6500A

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This battery charger also comes with good ratings since it is compatible with all types of vehicles.  It is equipped with a 20-amp for rapid charging and 10-amp for fast charging capabilities.  The good thing about it is that has a self-adjustment feature which helps to combat any damage that may be caused to our battery which may shorten its life.  It also has a 65-amp engine which can help quickly power up the vehicle in case it suddenly breaks down.
The Schumacher SSC-1000A

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The distinct feature of this battery is that it has a special push button which will instantly display vital information about the battery such as the charge rate and the status of the battery itself if needs to be replaced or treated.  It is like having our own personal battery assistance since it can diagnose problems on its own.  Like all other batteries, it also has features for fast charge and slow charge.  Motorcycles and lawnmowers usually use this type of battery to power their engines up.

The Black and Decker Models

If you think Black and Decker is popular with tools, well, they have invaded the battery charging scene as well. With the Black and Decker Smart Battery 6/4/2 amp, it has an alarm system of its own which helps avoid causing any damage to the vehicle itself or any of its parts.  As compared to other batteries, it has its own battery clips which enable the owner to connect them easily, but the warranty provided is much shorter as compared to the others.  Still, it manages to give off great performance at a much reasonable price. 

The Black and Decker Smart Battery 25/10/2 is another model which is slowly earning great reviews of its own.  It has basically the same features as the Black and Decker Smart Battery 6/4/2 amp but manages to give off more power.  Clearly, these two models will give other brands a run for the money, as it is doing at the present being a new player in the market.

The CTEK Model: the little guy

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Finally, in the lightweight division, we have the CTEK model, small and compact but surprisingly does the work it was tasked to do.    Don’t let the size fool any of us because through the charging time is quite low when compared to the others, it is still packed with the basic features that the other chargers have.   Naturally, for those who prefer using the small and less bulky ones, they would prefer this model but in terms of charging capabilities, we should not expect more out of it. The size says it all.

What’s the verdict?

After going through the different battery chargers which, according to customers, are the best there are, it will all go down to one thing on what we expect our chargers to do in terms of performance.  It is very difficult to determine which is the best because demands are quite relative, what is best for one does not mean that it is also the best one for the other.  It varies in terms of demand for power, performance, and probably cost too.  In fact, people may feel that they already have the best charger working for them and are hesitant to try out any other new ones in the market because it is a gamble they are not willing to take.


The best automatic vehicle battery charger in the market today depends on what the vehicle owner demands from it.  Does he want optimum performance or more power for his vehicle, or is he strapped down to budgetary problems that he wants to get the best there is at a low price. No matter which one we pick, we can be assured that based on customer satisfaction ratings, these items will get the job done and it will only differ if the different factors set in. So, by now, we should know which is the best automatic vehicle battery charger for us in the market today.