Best kids backpack High Sierra Loop

Backpacks are among the most basic items that students need as part of their school supplies. While there is a plethora of backpacks for students to choose from, all backpacks are not alike in their quality and suitability for using as a school bag for kids. This article looks at some criteria for choosing the best backpacks for school kids.

With the heavy workload that many school kids face these days, their backpacks often tend to be heavily loaded, raising the potential for back pain and injury. In fact, not choosing the best backpack for your school kid could leave them saddled with chronic back pain. Of course, your idea of the best backpack for school might be very different from your kid’s. Chances are, left to themselves, kids will choose trendy backpacks with the mug shot of their teen idol, although these might leave much to be desired in terms of design, comfort and suitability for carrying school supplies. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best backpacks for kids for school. First of all, the cheapest backpacks are probably not a great value for money. Although there are exceptions, backpacks on sale for around $20 may not be made of durable materials or be comfortable to carry.

The best kids backpacks will be ergonomically designed with padded straps and backs. Padded straps should also be ergonomically designed to fit comfortably on a kid’s shoulders and back, and padded backs help to keep sharp edges of books or other school supplies from digging into your child’s back.

A good school backpack for kids should also have a chest strap. Buckling the chest strap helps to distribute the weight more evenly and reduces strain on your child’s shoulders and back. A backpack with wheels might be a great choice for many kids, as it offers them the option of wheeling around their heavy loads in addition to carrying them on their backs; however, make sure your child’s school allows wheeled backpacks, which are banned in some school because their extendable handles are considered a tripping hazard.

Keeping all the above in mind, here are some of the best backpacks for students:

JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack

Best school backpack Jansport Classic series

JanSport makes some of the most popular and best backpacks for school kids. At around $35.00 the Student Classic Series daypacks are also very reasonably priced. With a capacity of 2100 inches, these school backpacks can easily hold textbooks and school supplies. The front pocket has an organizer that makes it convenient to store an mp3 player and other electronic gadgets, and there is a cord port for headphones. There are also several zippered pockets. The back straps are ergodynamic and contour well to the natural shape of a kid’s back for maximum comfort and proper weight distribution. Customer reviews on were generally favorable to Jansport backpacks for their sturdiness, comfort and ease of organizing contents in the many pockets.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

The High Sierra Loop backpack is another great school bag for kids. It is quite versatile, being a good choice also for taking to the gym after school, or on hiking trips. It has a compartment for an mp3 player with a headphone port, and several zipped compartments for easy organizing of school supplies. There are side mesh pockets for carrying water bottles. The shoulder straps are made of breathable fabric to keep your kid cool, and they are ergonomically designed to reduce back strain.