Florida is not called "The Sunshine State" for no reason.  With it's sunny weather, amazing beaches, and beautiful water, it has much to offer.  It's beaches are constantly ranked among the best in world, and with good reason.  Because Florida is a very large peninsula with around 1,200 miles of coastline, one can understand how plentiful the beaches are.  Because of the many beaches, there something for everyone.  It doesn't mater if you are looking for a remote island getaway, family friendly beaches, or big city environments, because on the beaches of Florida there is something for everyone.  

In comparison with the rest of the United States, the water and weather along the beaches are warmer allowing for almost year-round tanning sessions.  The color and texture of the sand can differ from beach to beach.  In the northwest the sand is fine and very white, in the east along the Atlantic Ocean they tend to be a darker beige color and a bit coarser.  On one beach, Daytona, the sand is known to be naturally packed down so hard that it perfectly suitable for driving a car on it.  Let's take a look at the top Florida beaches and see which one is best for YOU!

South Beach

Located in Miami, in the south-east of Florida, South Beach is always among the top rates Florida beaches.  The beaches here are man-made yet beautiful, and they go for miles along the Atlantic coast.  Although the beaches in Miami are great, this city also offers non-stop nightlife and legendary club scene, trend setting culture, and enough eye candy to give you an upset stomache. 

Key West

Located a little over a hundred miles south of Miami, just off the southwestern tip of Florida is Key West.  With its tranquil atmosphere and laid back vibe, it is often referred to as a paradise.  Here is one of Florida's most beautiful spots, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park  with wide stretches of white sand and calm waters.  Tourists to the island can easily find places to go snorkelling, and for the more adventurous, there is scuba diving.  Other attractions here include Ernest Hemingway's house, the Shipwreck Museum, and Harry S. Trumans "Little White House."  

Palm Beach

Located in Palm Beach County, FL, the exclusive and high-end Palm Beach is a half mile wide, 14 mile long island constructed out of wealth and extravagance. Although there are more than 47 miles of beaches in the this particular county, Palm Beach takes the cake.  It has served as the winter getaway for families such as the Vanderbilts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, as well as many other wealthy people.  Despite being a bit on the $pricy$ side, Palm Beach has some truly wonderful beaches.  The warm, blue water that is comes from the Gulf Stream only adds to its sereness. Despite being known for being up-scale, there are many family oriented activities to take part in.

Panama City Beach

In the northwest part of Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico, you will find Panama City Beach.  This beach's slogan is "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches," and the people who live there seem to think this is true, mainly because of the unique bleached white beaches with extremely fine sand.  Panama City Beach has been a popular destination for vacations for many years.  If you are looking for a fun beach where partying is the norm, then look no further.   The city next to the beach is a very popular spring break destination, sometimes called  "The Spring Break Capital of the World." This is because somewhere around 100,000  college and high school students that come during March and April.

Chilling In FL!

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