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Looking for ideas for toddler birthday celebrations? It can be a real challenge to buy the perfect birthday gift for a one year old. For one thing, parents are very particular about what they would like their baby to have, and if you second guess, you could end up buying a baby birthday gift that the parents won’t want for their baby. At best, you could end up buying an expensive and great baby gift that ends up being unused. At worst, you could even risk offending the family.


Best baby gifts for a one year old

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So, what are some of the best birthday gift ideas for a one year old baby? If you are a close friend of the family, you probably want to give them something of value, as opposed to just a cheap trinket. A gift card for the baby could be a perfect gift in some cases. However, even with a baby gift card, you have to be particular. Some people are looking for a truly unique gift idea, and a generic gift card from a big box store just won’t cut it. For instance, you could buy a Target gift card or an Amazon gift card, which are both great choices, as there are many items suitable for a 1 year old baby that the parents could buy from these retailers. Yet, such a gift card could be used to buy just about anything, so it may not seem all that special. Coming from a close friend, babies first birthday gifts that are so all-purpose in nature might seem a bit perfunctory, even if they carry value, as it might seem as though you just took the easy way out to buy a generic gift card.

The same could be said for a gift of cash or a Visa gift card, for instance. While these are all excellent and useful gift ideas, they could fit the bill for any occasion, not just a baby’s first birthday gift. Yet, the advantage of gift cards like these is that the parents can make good use of the cash value on these cards to buy exactly what they want the child to have. After all, a one year old will not have a preference for any specific gift, so it’s really the parents you are buying for.

One way to make a gift card a bit more special is to get one for a store that specializes in babies and young children, such as Gymboree or The Children’s Place. A Gymboree gift card is a great idea because the parents still have the flexibility of picking the best baby gifts from the store, but it also shows that you were thoughtful enough to find a store that specifically carries baby items.

While gift cards are some of the best baby gift ideas, many people don’t like to just give an envelope containing a gift card, especially to a family with whom they are close. There is something more satisfying about giving a real, physical gift. The best thing to do is to hedge your bets and to get a “real” gift as well as a gift card. You don’t have to splurge to do this at all. A cheap but ideal gift for a 1 year old baby could be a picture book, or a CD of sing-along songs. You can insert an envelope with a gift card, or even cash, in the book or tape it to the wrapped package. This way you give something physical as well as something of real value that the parents can put to the best possible use, making for a really great one year old baby gift.