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The Bobble is a creative invention which is simply a water filter that comes in the form of a sports bottle. It is marketed as a suitable alternative to buying dozens of bottled water. The bobble is revolutionary, as this one product considers the environment, creates the best bottled water and saves money in the long run.

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The Bobble is a filtered water bottle that is especially made for people who are constantly on the move. All that has to be done is to fill the bottle with water and it simply does the rest.  It has a carbon filter that has a small electrical charge that attracts to it any chemicals or contamination that may be in the water. Therefore, as the water passes through the carbon element, any impurity is attracted to it and prevented from reaching the user of the bottle when drinking.

The bottle requires very little maintenance and the carbon contained in the filter is one of the most powerful absorbents known and it is very reliable in filtering the water. In fact, the Bobble filter surpasses international standards in the categories of chlorine, taste and odor reduction.


The Bobble is guaranteed to produce the best bottled water as it is FDA approved and also made in the USA.  Also, in the production of the bottle, the environment is considered as the Bobble is made from recycled material and is recyclable itself. The filters should be changed every two months to maintain efficiency and this will have you making liters of the best bottled water over and over again.

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In the USA, a huge amount of money is spent on bottle water per year and the costs may increase as we go along. It is far reaching as the cost of oil has to be considered in the production of the plastic bottles that contain the water. Oil is always rising and has a volatile price and can change rather quickly and this will influence the price of bottled water. The bottles are usually recyclable but many times there is no effort made to actually conduct a recycling exercise, so many times the bottles are not actually reused.

The Bobble is the answer to this problem of saving money and reducing the impact of our habits on the environment.  The Bobble can create clean, portable bottled water that is guaranteed to be safe to the end user. The creators of the product combined style with function and made a great effort to contain the costs of the filter.

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The benefits of trying the Bobble are endless as the usefulness of the filter can not be disputed. For any individual that drinks a lot of bottles water it almost goes without saying that this is a product they should get. It saves money; it is useful, makes the best bottled water and it can be reused many times.

The Bobble can be found in many stores and comes in three different sizes which can facilitate the needs of all.