Victoria, British Columbia is jokingly referred to as the ”Newly wed and nearly dead” city because of its famous mildest weather in Canada that attracts retired people. But the city has a beauty that people from all around the world are coming to witness with their own eyes. And what better to start a visit than a delicious breakfast ?

John’s place

One of the most famous places to get your first meal of the day. This restaurant is in every guidebook of Victoria and for a good reason. Its owner is passionate about food and you can really taste it in his food. Just try the John’s special with bacon! But if you have a sweet tooth in the morning, try the Belgian waffles with the cream cheese syrup. Be aware that this restaurant is so famous that you better arrive early.

Location : 723 Pandora avenue

Floyd’s Diner

It has everything you would expect for a perfect breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast and sausages. Ordering an ”American Idol”, a ”Ben hur’ (Benedict egg) or a ”Seinfeld” is just the pop culture reference that makes the difference ! I would recommend their delicious BC Hash.

Location : 866 Yates Street

Willie’s Bakery

This is British Columbia oldest bakery. Located next to the Royal British Columbia Museum, this spot is a great place to start your visit of the city. Try one of their freshly baked baguette and then head up to fill your head with the wonderful history of Victoria. If you don’t feel like it, the Imax cinema is just waiting for you with a great documentary or the latest Imax movie. You can even come back after your visit to try another item on the menu because they even serve breakfast all day long.

Location : 537 Johnson Street

Shine Cafe

Another great and famous breakfast restaurant in Victoria. The lines can be long to eat here so don’t be late. Also one of the best breakfast in town that you have to get.

Location : 1548 Fort Street

NB : They just opened a new spot on 1320 Blanshard street that I haven’t tried yet.


As doctors day, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you are just visiting for the weekend or planning to stay longer, don’t miss out on these places that will fill you up for an awesome day in beautiful Victoria.

John's Place Get Directions
723 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8W 1N8, Canada
Floyd’s Diner Get Directions
866 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 3S2, Canada
Willie’s Bakery Get Directions
537 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C6, Canada
Shine Cafe Get Directions
1548 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8S 1Z7, Canada