Bumper Scratches and Scuffs

What are they? How to get them repair them?

Bumper scuffs or scratches can make a tidy car look messy and unloved, most people decided not to get these small imperfections on their car paint work repaired because of the expected high cost to get them fixed. So they generally leave them to progressively get worse, the only problem with this is that once you decided to leave one bit of damage it’s not long before you leave another then another  and eventually you lose the love you once had with your car. The best thing to do would be to get them repaired as soon as they appear, and it’s not as expensive as you may think.

There are some horror story’s out there that you probably have heard that once you scuff your bumper you need to get the whole bumper re painted or even replaced and that cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not really the case. There are some truths with these old wife’s tails for if an accident repair centre or body shop were to repair a scuff or scratch on a bumper they would re paint the whole bumper, and that would be expensive.

An alternative to leaving the damage or getting it repaired by a body shop would be a Mobile Car Body Repair Service. These are specialists in repairing small localized bumper scuffs and bumper scratches, they would only spray the damaged area and not the whole component. By only spraying a significantly smaller area than a body shop would the price reflex this as a result. With average costs of bumper scuff repairs around the £90 mark you can see that the savings you make are huge. Prices per scuff can be reduced further with having multiple repairs carried out which should save you an additional 10-20%per scuffed area. An added bonus with this form of body work repair service is that they are mobile and come to you to carry out the repair, so no time needed off work and you can even have it done on a weekend if you chose to.

This type of paint repair service has been around for over ten years and is mainly used within the trade, repairing new and used cars at showrooms and garage forecourts all over the country. If you have bought a second hand car from a dealership and its body work is in good condition then it probably has had some work carried out on it by this type of mobile work shop.

So in conclusion try not to leave your car looking unwanted and unloved, make our roads pretty again and have those scuffs and scratches fixed, it’s not that expensive and well worth the investment.