In search of fudge brownies

Memories in a box

It's very true that the sense of smell can affect memories from days past, flower scents and cooking aromas that bring back sweet times as a child are proof positive that the olfactory system is a very important accessory, especially to the older person. Different ChocolatesCredit: justfoodnow With few exceptions, chocolate brownies are a perennial favorite of most children and a poignant memory particularly to elementary school alumni and residents of Thomasville, North Carolina. Trying to find the best brownie mix or duplicate the chocolate brownie recipe from Tasty Bakery, supplier to the school lunch program, has been an ongoing quest for more than a few decades of transplanted northern living for this writer.

For years, reunion groups have remembered the good times growing up in Thomasville, a small manufacturing town most famous for the "World's Biggest Chair,"Thomasville NC Big ChairCredit: Thomasville NC and home to Tasty Bakery's fudge brownies with frosting,  an ever-growing topic of conversation when old friends get together. Who knew in 1965,  that the little bakery on Main Street would command such attention and discourse still, almost fifty years later?

This Thomasville alumna has tried to recreate those memorably delicious chocolate fudge brownies, using chocolate recipes from scratch, countless chocolate brownie box mixes, and even tastings from several New England bakeries without success, until recently. 

By chance, this chocoholic bought one more chocolate brownie box mix, and found a close second, if not the equal to Tasty's, in Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie Mix, Ultimate Fudge and at a price that saves lots of dough. For families who pack numerous lunches and need an unending supply of afterschool snacks, what a savings and with free shipping!Best chocolate brownie mix everCredit: Ghiradelli

Ghirardelli's Brownie Mix is moist, dark and fudgy, made with one egg and a little vegetable oil, the brownies are a sinfully delicious dessert. The packet of fudge frosting is an added bonus from who else, but a chocolate maker, how can you miss? Thomasville's Tasty Bakery...gone, but not forgotten, by a long shot....memories in a box.

If you are still lusting for Tasty Bakery recipes, you'll find many in Wayne Eddinger's, THS Class of '65, cookbook: Tasty Bakery's chess pie, holiday sugar cookies, and Tasty Bakery chocolate bars. Wayne says he'll even slip in the bakery's recipe for egg custard, if you ask for it. Call Wayne in Thomasville at 336-475-9688 for your copy of his cook book of your favorite recipes from home and then some.