Many people are flocking online to find the best commuter bikes under $500 as more and more workers seek to be more environmentally conscious and take a bike to work instead of driving.
The best commuter bikes in this price range will have features that make your daily commute more enjoyable and convenient, such features include fenders, chain guards, comfortable seats and baskets or storage areas for important cargo.

Of course, I strongly believe that the best commuter bike will be a bike that is so good that you will want to ride it every day. The temptation may be there to go back to driving or catching public transport so with that in mind, here are a couple of the best bikes in this category.

Novara Big Buzz Bike review

Retailing for around $450, the Novara Big Buzz is definitely a classic hybrid commuter bike. 
Combining road bike tubing with mountain bike structure, you get to take advantage of a 9-speed Shimano drivetrain and high quality SRAM twist shifters to move through the gears with ease.
It features the popular 700cc wheel size and you also get Vittoria Randonneur puncture resistant tires.

As the name of this bike suggets, it is quite big and was too big for some people with them complaining of the heavy weight. On the other hand this extra weight meant that it handled quite well and was ideal for the majority of commuting situations. 

You certainly would not take it up to the office via the stairs though!
This bike is best suited for people who want a hybrid that is perhaps more biased towards the road bike than a mountain bike. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of other commuter bikes but this is reflected in the cost and it still represents terrific value for money.

Jamis Commuter 4 Bike review

The Jamis Commuter 4 is the perfect commuter bike under $500 for beginners. It has received outstanding reviews from several different cycling magazines and as a result they are well liked in the industry.

Although Jamis makes a whole range of commuter bikes up to a value of $800 or so, you will be able to find a high quality Jamis bike at a bargain price, probably in the range of $400 or so for the cheapest model and around $450 for the Jamis Commuter 4.Jamis themselves state their line of commuter bikes are perfect for bridging the gap between the workplace and your own home, but you can also run errands like heading down to the shop to get some milk and bread for example.

The Commuter 4 has more style and flair than a typical commuter bike, so if you want the best of both worlds then consider it as your next purchase. There is absolutely no reason why every commuter bike has to be a dull grey color with no flair or substance.

Like most commuter bikes under $500, the Commuter 4 has 700cc tires for smooth riding and as little road resistance as possible. It comes in a large range of sizes for both men and women and has a cargo carrier above the rear wheel.