Watts CT1 countertop water filter

The best home water filtration system for your needs is one that is affordable for your budget, is easily installed, and is an effective filter. Countertop water purification systems fulfill these criteria very well for many people. Here we present some of the best countertop water purifier reviews based on what customers have said.

Countertop water purifiers reduce lead, chlorine, some bacteria and viruses, lead and sediments. They will also remove unpleasant odor and taste. A countertop water filter has a cartridge pack that is placed above your kitchen counter, as the name suggests. Such filters can be easier to maintain and operate than under-the-counter water filters. Also, filtering your water supply means you can cut down or entirely eliminate using bottled water, thus eliminating landfill waste and the use of resources that go towards bottling.

Here are some of the best countertop water purification systems based on customer reviews on amazon.com:

Watts Premier Counter-Top Water Filter

The Watts CT-1 Counter Top Water Filtration Device contains a high quality carbon filter that purifies tap water effectively, converting it into a pure and fresh-tasting drinking experience. It works very well in a variety of environments, including apartments, recreational vehicles, campers and houses. It is also very easy to install, connecting directly to a kitchen tap or another faucet. The Watts CT-1 is a drinking water filter that removes sediment, sand, chlorine and rust from tap water. It is also portable and occupies very little space on the countertop. All you need to do is to connect the filter to the tap using a diverter valve, and you can have pure drinking water in minutes. It is also easy to find replacement parts for Watts filters, as they take standard Watts 10-inch replacement filter elements. At under $30 on amazon.com, the Watts CT-1 Counter Top water filter is a steal. Most customers raved about how effective it was at removing pollutants and bad odor from their tap water, and about how economical it was given its quality.

Chrome Countertop Water Filter

Chrome countertop water filter

The Chrome Countertop Water Filter is another of the best countertop water purification systems. It features a long lasting replacement cartridge that can serve a family of 4 for a year. It removes not only chlorine, but also mercury, lead, giardia and other pollutants. It is also a very economical choice for water purification, working out to less than 9 cents a gallon. It uses a replaceable carbon block filter cartridge that can remove particles as small as a micron in size, and produces clear and fresh tasting pure water. This filter costs about $90.00 on amazon.com, making it a great value for money. Filter cartridges are also very reasonably priced at about $30.00. Customer reviews were generally very favorable, saying that this filter produced excellent water quality at a bargain price, and was a good fit for limited counter space.

These are just two of the best countertop water purification systems. Check out amazon.com for many other excellent choices!