Looking for something fun to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend but have no idea what to do because you are low on funds?  Whether it is a first date or the long standing weekly date night, there are so many different activities you can do that will get the romantic sparks flying without blowing the budget.  You might want to get out and about or have a fun night at home. Either way, all you need is a little bit of imagination to make some everyday activities date worthy. With the cheap date ideas below, your beloved will be yours forever.

Outdoor Dates

Hiking ticks lots of boxes. It gets you out of the house for some exercise and you can take in some of the natural beauty of your area at the same time.  Plus it’s a great chance to hold your boyfriend or girlfriend’s hand. Check your local guides for walking tracks in national parks or gardens. Choose a track that isn’t too challenging so you can take a picnic and share some lunch along the way.

Visiting a winery is another great way to experience your local surrounds on a budget.  Samples are usually free and sometimes there will be music or entertainment. Find out what type of wine your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to drink and then see if the winery makes it. For that romantic touch, link arms while sipping your wine.  If you try a wine that you both enjoy, buy a bottle of it and drink on your next date.

Indoor Dates

If your boyfriend or girlfriend enjoys live music, then checking out some local bands can be a great cheap date idea.  Pubs and bars host bands which play covers and original music in many different genres. Remember to find out what music your boyfriend or girlfriend likes and then check your local guides for times and any door charges.  You could even request their favourite song and get the band to dedicate it them.

If pubs and bars are not your scene, try visiting an art gallery.  Pretend you are both art critics and take turns reviewing different sculptures or paintings.  Some galleries offer free or discount admission on certain days, so you can pick a new gallery for each date without spending too much money. Visit the gift shop on the way out to pick up a small inexpensive gift (such as a pen or magnet) for your boyfriend or girlfriend to remember the date.

Community Dates

For the ultimate cheap shopping date check out local op shops where you can buy each other presents and support a local charity at the same time.  You could go one step further and actually get involved in a community service group. Enquire at a local soup kitchen or other charity service to spend a few hours together giving back to the community.

Taking a holiday is usually expensive, but being a tourist in your own town cuts out a lot of the costs.  There are many attractions in your area that you may have never visited. Make a list and then take your boyfriend or girlfriend on a tour. You will be surprised how much you learn about where you live and you may even find some new places to go on your next date.

Food Dates

There are a heap of daily deals sites or coupon sites now which offer a range of activities for well below the normal price. Keep an eye out for vouchers for your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favourite restaurants, buy the voucher and then surprise them with a deliciously cheap dinner.  

There is nothing more romantic and personal than a gourmet home cooked dinner. Place lots of lit candles around the room and prepare your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favourite meal. You could set it up as an indoor picnic on the lounge room floor or change your dining room into a private restaurant. Either way, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be impressed.

A cheap date doesn’t mean a boring date.  For a date to be fun, you need to do activities that mean something to the both of you. These cheap date ideas give you the chance to do something you both enjoy and get to know each other date better. All it takes is some everyday activities mixed in with a little bit of imagination. Have fun!