Ebikes, electric bikes or electric-assist bikes are gaining in popularity in the United States, but have already been in use in many parts of the world for some time. In China alone, about 20 million of these motorized bikes are sold in a year, and are subject to similar regulations and licensing as automobiles. Ebikes are cheaper than  Segways and are more environmentally friendly than cars. An ebike is a great way to get around locally, and allows you to get around crowded cities more easily than you can with a car.


Furthermore, you can use your electric-assist bike to get your daily exercise through biking, but because they are motorized, it becomes feasible to commute across greater distances than you would be able to cover with a regular bicycle without wearing yourself out. You can push the pedals of your motorized bike when you want the exercise, but you can switch to the electric motor when you want a break from pedaling.


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So, what is an ebike exactly?


A e-bike looks a lot like a regular bike, and has the frame of a mountain bike. The difference is that the rear hub is large and has a motor inside it, and it is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which is often mounted on a rack in the back. Some models of ebikes can run purely on electric power from the lithium ion batteries (and thus function as electric mopeds), but other models, such as the Twist Freedom from Giant Bicycle, need the rider to be pedaling for the power boost from the electric assist to kick in. This latter kind of ebike thus makes the act of pedaling easier, even though it doesn’t eliminate the need for it.


You can get up to 40 miles from a five hour charge of the lithium batteries, although the exact mileage will vary depending on how much you pedal. Even if your batteries run out of juice, you should be able to pedal your way home, or just walk the bike. In any case, for many people, riding an ebike could be a very feasible alternative to driving for a daily commute to and from work.


Advantages of ebikes


One nice thing about having an electric-assist bike or ebike is that it reduces the work needed to bike uphill. So, if your daily commute has significant ups and downs, topographically speaking, an ebike can make biking to work much more feasible than if you had to use pedal power to climb those hills.


Also, in these days of rising gas prices, the e-bike will soon pay for itself. An ebike can run upward of a thousand dollars, but matching that against the cost of gas or public transportation for your daily commute could mean that within a couple of years you would have broken even.


And this is even before considering the health benefits. If you think that riding your ebike to work will increase the length of your commute (which it might or might not, depending on how much automobile traffic congestion there is on the roads, and whether you have dedicated bike lanes), think of the fact that you could probably cut back or eliminate the time you would have spent at the gym to get a similar workout!


In fact, some people are buying ebikes just to get more exercise in a fun way. These are people who might balk at riding a regular bike for long distances, either because they are out of shape or have medical issues including joint pain that prevents continuous hard pedaling. In this case, an ebike can help you get just the exercise you need in an enjoyable way without your needing to over-exert yourself.