SentrySage Fire safe waterproof box H2300 model

Most homeowners have insurance to cover losses in case of fires and other disasters. However, insurance will not bring back any precious documents that you lose in a fire or flood. This includes documents like your birth certificate, passport, diplomas, titles and deeds, valuable old mementos and family photos, and any other paperwork that is either irreplaceable or can be a major hassle to replace. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in a fireproof lockbox to store your most important paperwork and maybe some other valuable trinkets as well.


These fireproof boxes are also often waterproof or water resistant, which afford you some protection from other home disasters like floods or plumbing accidents. No one expects these events to befall them, but investing in cheap fire safety boxes is something we should all do for peace of mind. A fireproof lock box will typically protect your belongings for only a certain period of time (often 1 hour) but this often gives you enough time to retrieve it before you lose your valuable documents forever.


Best fireproof lock boxes


There are a variety of fire safe lockboxes available on the market today relatively inexpensively (often for under $50). But many of the best reviewed and most popular ones are Sentry Safe models. Sentry Safe fireproof boxes, and range in price from about $20 and up. These are some of the best Sentry Safe Fire Safe boxes on sale on


SentrySafe 500 Fire-Safe Box

SentrySafe 500 FIRE-SAFE Box


At a little over $20, the SentrySafe 500 Fire Safe Box is a steal indeed. It can provide at least a half hour’s protection for your valuables, including electronic media such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives. Although a tad small, you can also store a few documents in it, although you may want to get a bigger box if you want to store lots of papers. They even offer a replacement program to replace the box if it should actually serve its purpose and suffer some damage after a fire. Customers have generally been very happy with this model, although the locking mechanism isn’t exactly top of the line. Still, the Sentry Safe 500 is not meant to be used primarily as a safe to keep your stuff off limits to others, so in terms of its intended function, customers have been very happy for what it offers at a low price.



SentrySafe H2300 Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest


The Sentry Safe H2300 is a fireproof and waterproof box that is for those who are looking for a little extra space as well as added protection from both fire and water.

It can keep paperwork, electronics and other sensitive valuables protected from fire for at least a half hour up to a temperature of 1550 degrees F. Overall, Amazon customers were very happy with this model, saying that it was the perfect size to store 8.5 x 11 size documents, and that it was sturdily built, but not too bulky.


These are just some of the best Sentry Safe Fire-Safe boxes for sale. There are a number of more expensive models, where you are paying for larger size and more safety features, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Happy shopping!