FlightCYou might not be the sort of person that likes to play computer games, you just have the iPad for business. It could be that you think it is a complete waste of time. You see the kids sitting there for hours unable to leave the chair except to go to deal with bodily functions. Eating, drinking and other necessary evils have to be done, but still the 4am in the morning happens and you wonder where the time vanished to.

On the other hand having some games on your iPad is a good idea for when you are stuck in a queue somewhere. The Apple fan boys and girls will know all about that, when there are the new iPads arriving at the Apple Stores worldwide. You have to do something more than talk about the iPad 2 arriving in how ever many hours are left before the shop opens.

WOGooWhip out the Amazing iPad and have a play of something that will help the time pass. I like to have something for occasions like that, particularly when I am travelling on a bus, train or plane. In the car doesn’t work for me because I never seem to be the passenger, I am always the driver, what a shame. Last time I was on an aeroplane was the flight to Menorca when I was passing the time with World of Goo. I also played the Flight Control game. I wasn’t worried about tempting fate with crashing planes coming to land in the game.

The best free ipad games

AngryBirdsWell if they are not free they are very inexpensive, games like Bejeweled, BeeCellsLite, Orba, and we have to mention Angry birds of course. These sorts of games are easy on the brain and all you have to do is lose yourself in the mindless activity for a little while. Before you know it you will be at the front of that queue.

Puzzle games for the iPad

World of Goo is an absolutely brilliant game that I first played on my iMac and I was really pleased to see it available for the iPad. There are a couple of levels that are really tough to get past. This game was even mentioned on a Channel Five Gadget Show TV programme.

Sudoku(47175)Sudoku HD is a good recommendation that will have you scratching head figuring out your numbers for the squares. This game has a number of types of Sudoku and levels of difficulty. There are a couple of ways to cheat if you want to but it is not proper fun, if your brain is not hurting a little bit.

iPad games you can play against internet opponents

WordsWFWith the Words HD game you can easily set up a game against an opponent that could be just about anywhere in the world. It is a scrabble game and you have time to make your words and take your turn. Play your letter tiles to get your words and eventually there is a winner. You can do some research to find the words and it is the modern way to play the game.

What are your favourite iPad games? Have you ever pulled an all nighter without meaning to? Are you a games addict and what do you think of the iPad as a games platform?