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At every step life gives us lots of encounters that lead to opportunities to meet new people. Hence we make new friends and a few acquaintances out of them. Some of them stay with us forever and some come for a while to share some moments and leave. We all know that we may have loads of good friends but the most special one and the closest of them all is our best friend with whom we feel like sharing everything. A best friend is a real treasure to possess and closer than our relatives and everybody around. She is caring and loving like a mother.  She is the one who listens to our craziest thoughts and wildest dreams concealing her laughter.  She never leaves us despite our stupid actions, immature decision and impulsiveness. She tolerates our foolish behavior, unnecessary shouting with thoughtful patience , understands our silence without any explanation. A best friend scolds us for our faults and mistakes but holds our hands tightly when everyone leaves us for those mistakes. She knows us from inside and loves us for what we are not trying to change us. She is a priceless gem to us and the true angel of our life.

Friend tattoo ideas

Friend tattoo ideas

When people make tattoos to reflect ideas and thoughts believed by themselves best friends can also be a wonderful theme of tattoo making or the other way round the tattoos can be a very strong means to express the friendship treasured by two friends or by a friend for his/her best friend.Some people compose poetry as a tribute of their friendship,some write in the scrapbooks but often words become inadequate to express the depth of feeling one bears for her loved one or best friend or sometimes it is better to keep them unsaid. So in such occasions the unfathomable affection at the core of one’s heart is conveyed through an artistic tattoo which may depict the nostalgic first meeting of the two friends or a common action between them .


friend tattoos

Tattoo designs always welcome innovation and if one can put his own idea of uniqueness that will probably the best way to ascertain the purity of the relationship in case of best friend tattoo.The small and little moments of sharing joy,togetherness,moments of fights and crying together make an endless journey of friendship that can be pictured in a tattoo with master tricks. Words like ‘Best friends forever’ is also an option to be scribbled for the design. Friends loving each other like anything may opt for another very interesting theme.When two friends play together,talk and spend time together,fight but at the next moment miss each other and realize that they cannot live without each other,hate each other but are dependent on each other remind the friends cum enemies funniest cartoon characters of Tom and Jerry. Therefore one can depict these characters in a jovial way to show the ever-cherished  youthfulness and naughtiness of their friendship.In order to portray his/her best friend as an angelic figure one can also ink an angel tattoo to affirm how generously he/she has guided and protected him/her all through the tough journey of life and that is how the person shows his/her gratitude to him/her.


tattoo ideas

A personal sentiment attached to some expression or lines of a song that two friends usually sing can be dedicated in the tattoo as an honor to the special bonding. Some common ideas or things shared between friends may be portrayed too in best friend tattoos.The image can be made in such a way that half portion is done on one of the friend’s body and the other half is inked on another’s body to complete the full image.  Such images include lock and key where lock is depicted on one’s arm and key is portrayed on other’s arm to make a whole picture.An incomplete lyric of music is such an example that can be a creative tattoo idea. Again one may choose best friends quotes and phrases to be tattooed which are pretty cool. Some heart-touching sayings and poems can nicely be designed to make the tattoo a symbol of the lifelong intensity of emotion shared by two intimate and best of buddies.  

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