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Hybrid bikes are ideal for people who want the flexibility of being able to ride the bike on their daily commutes, as well as for some recreational riding on weekends. A hybrid bike combines features of both a road bike and a mountain bike. While a hybrid bike frame resembles that of a road bike, its handlebars are like those of a mountain bike, being straight rather than curved. This makes it more comfortable for everyday riding than a road bike, as you do not have to sit in a hunched position while riding it. But because hybrid bike tires are fat like tires of mountain bikes, they allow for good traction while biking off-road or on trails.

The best hybrid bicycles


While there are specialized hybrid bicycles for women, most of us can probably get by with a unisex or men’s hybrid bike. Women’s hybrid bikes tend to me shorter than hybrid bicycles for men. Does a hybrid bike fit your needs? Keep in mind that while it is more versatile than either a road bike or a mountain bike, either of those is better for the environment it is specialized for. If your main interest is for recreational riding off paved roads, then you might be better off with a mountain bike. But for road racing, you are better off with a road bike. However, a hybrid bicycle will help you get the best of both worlds, and often for a much lesser price than you might pay for either a road bike or a mountain bike.


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Where can you buy the best hybrid bicycles for men?


You can find hybrid bikes for men on sale at most sporting goods or shopping websites like They tend to vary quite a bit in price, and you get what you pay for. Big box stores, including Wal-Mart and Target, will often sell men’s hybrid bikes for very cheap (around $100). However, these bikes tend to be quite heavy. They are okay for occasional riding in your neighborhood, or for commuting to and from work as long as it is an easy commute. Chances are such bikes will also wear out more quickly. A specialty bike store or sporting goods store is a better bet for finding a more expensive, albeit better quality hybrid bike. You could expect to spend a few hundred up to even a couple thousand dollars for a really high end bike. A used hybrid bike might be a good compromise if you buy it from a trusted source. You can get a good quality hybrid bicycle this way for much less than you might pay for a new one.


Frames for hybrid bikes


The best hybrid bikes will have frames that are made of airplane grade aluminum, also known as T-6 grade aluminum. You can tell that a frame is of this type because it will have the number 6061 etched on them. Cheap hybrid bicycles will have low grade aluminum frames, such as the 7000 series frames.


The best hybrid bicycles for men on


The following are some of the bestselling and best rated hybrid bikes for men on


Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bike


The Schwinn is one of the most popular men’s hybrid bikes on It has an aluminum frame and is ideal for commuting about town as well as for riding on trails. It has an SR Suntour suspension fork that allows for comfortable riding, 21 speeds, 700c wheels, a swept back handle bar and a padded saddle. It is also very inexpensive at $265.00. Customers have generally been very pleased with it, although some have recommended getting a few inexpensive upgrades and customizations done at a bike store, especially for the brakes and the gears, to get even more out of this bike.


Diamondback Kalamar LX Men's Sport Hybrid Bike


The Diamondback Kalamar is another very reasonably priced and popular hybrid bike for men, retailing on for about $270.00. With a Remington steel hybrid frame, Promax Linear pull brakes and a Deluxe Hybrid seat, this bike has also received very favorable customer reviews. Customers mentioned that it is a solid, smooth ride with very smooth gear shifting.


Some of the other bestselling hybrid bikes on amazon are:


The Schwinn Crest Urban Men's Hybrid Bike


The Lamborghini Urbano Mens Comfort Hybrid Bike


The Diamondback Menona Men's Sport Hybrid Bike